The Love Bed Brings Out the Poet in Our Facebook Fans!

The Love Bed Brings Out the Poet in Our Facebook Fans!

Yesterday we announced the winner of our Month of Love Facebook competition! To win our fantastic Love Bed, entrants were asked to complete the poem: “Roses are red, Mattressman’s blue…”

We’re thrilled at the enthusiastic response we had to the competition! We got so many creative, funny, and clever poems that we found it almost impossible to pick a winner! Here are just a few of our favourite entries!

Roses are red,
Mattressman’s blue,
If your bed gives you nightmares,
He knows what to do,
He’ll coil his springs,
And support your lumbar,
And always deliver
One heck of a slumber!

——Our winner, Lisa

See beneath the cut for more of our favourites!

Roses are red,
Mattressman’s blue,
If you win this bed,
Can I sleep in it too?

Carnations are white,
Daffodils are yellow,
This bed is just right,
For a girl and her fellow.

Some freesias are cream,
Although not much is black,
This bed gives great dreams
When you’re flat on your back.

Ivy is green,
Not sure about lily,
For a sleep that’s serene,
Buy this bed, don’t be silly!

Rainbows are pretty,
Politicians are boring,
And so ends this ditty,
To bed! (to start snoring).

Roses are red, Mattressman’s blue,
I need a good sleep cos it’s long overdue!
Mine dips in the middle and squeaks when we move,
So it’s impossible now for us to ‘get in the groove’.
My back aches each morning and I’m tired all day,
So please, Mattressman, send your new bed my way.


Roses are red, Mattressman’s blue,
I hate my bed, a new one is due.
The springs have all sprung,
There’s stains everywhere,
It’s so damn uncomfy,
There’s enough wear and tear.
But Mattressman’s here,
There’s one going spare,
Somewhere blissful to lay down my hair.
“Sweet dreams, my lovely,
Good night to you,”
With thanks to my buddy,
Who’s all dressed in blue.


Roses are red,
Mattressman’s Blue,
Try telling our toddler
Our bed is just for two!

Each night is a battle,
I’m weary and broke,
This kid won’t settle,
For a toddler-cot joke.

He’s a big boy now,
He needs a proper kip,
But no one is sleeping
With this bed swapping trip!

So please, Mattressman,
Help our family get some rest —
We need safety, style, and comfort,
So we come to you — THE BEST!

Thank you to everyone who entered the competition, and congratulations to Lisa on a well-earned win!

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