First Look at the Nook!

First Look at the Nook!

Our fundraising efforts for the brilliant Nook Appeal are heating up! The Nook Appeal, run by East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices (EACH), aims to build a brand new children’s hospice in Norfolk that will provide vital care and support for life-threatened children and their families.

Mattressman have pledged £25,000 to the Nook Appeal, with £10,000 of that already donated upfront. To help raise the rest of the money, we’ve created the wonderful Nook mattress, designed to be supportive and comfortable for both children and adults!

The Nook mattress certainly looks fantastic, finished with the Nook colours on the edges and handles, and a fun butterfly pattern stitched on the top. Not only does this look great, but it creates a more plush sleeping surface and holds all the fillings firmly in place. With luxurious hypoallergenic fillings, the Nook mattress is a terrific choice for anyone with allergies. And while the comfortable fibre fillings used in the Nook mattress are soft enough that children will be able to sleep soundly, the traditional open coil spring unit is fully supportive for people of all weights and age, and with a Medium firmness rating it offers a great night’s sleep for adults as well. That’s why we make the Nook mattress in sizes from small single to king size, so there’s something to suit every room and every kind of sleeper!

To stop uncomfortable heat from building up during the night, the Nook mattress has vents to help air to circulate and heat and moisture to escape. Handles on the side of the mattress mean that you’re able to flip and rotate it with ease, and ensure that the fillings wear evenly so that your Nook mattress will last you or your little one for years to come.
Just like all our other mattresses, you can get your Nook mattress as a bundle with one of our highly customisable Designer Divans! With a wide choice of bright or neutral colours, our divan bases are once again fantastic for both children and adults!

And the best thing about the Nook mattress? We will donate a significant percentage of the profits from every sale to the Nook Appeal. So you can be assured that not only do you have years of great sleep ahead of you, but you’re supporting a fantastic cause that will help out hundreds of children.

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