Caring for your Bed Frame

Much like your mattress, your bed frame needs some occasional TLC. The maintenance your bedstead requires, however, will depend on the upholstery and the type of frame. We have a whole host of bed frames here at Mattressman, offering everything from style to storage, so we thought it would be a good idea to share some tips about how to care for them.

Fabric Bed Frames

Advice – Once you’ve set up your new bed frame at home, it’s a wise decision to give it a quick once over with the vacuum, using the upholstery attachment to get into all of those hard-to-reach spaces. Lightly vacuuming your bed frame thereafter will keep it free of dust particles and debris. If you spill something on your bed frame, avoid soaking or saturating the upholstery. Instead, dampen a cloth with warm water and blot the fabric carefully.
Faux Leather Bed Frames

Advice – Be careful not to be too abrasive when dealing with upholstered furniture. Fresh stains should be blotted with a damp cloth; however, always remember to make sure the cloth isn’t dripping to avoid over-saturating the upholstery. For more stubborn stains, use a very mild detergent in warm water.
Wooden Bed Frames

Advice – You can keep our wooden bed frames clean with some light dusting. If any scuffs or marks appear, simply buff them away with a damp cloth and warm water, taking extra care when cleaning painted wood. We also recommend regularly dusting or vacuuming in and around the slats.

Divan and Ottoman Bases

Advice – Our divan and ottoman bases offer plenty of choice in the way of storage, although you should always be mindful of what you’re storing and how much. Storing heavy items in your drawers or overloading the base of your ottoman can put strain on the components and lead to wear and tear. Therefore, avoid storing heavy objects in your divan and don’t overcrowd the base of your ottoman.

Sleep well!

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