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Kids Beds

Choosing a kid's bed can be a very difficult decision, made all the more tricky by the huge array of children's beds on the market. The first thing to consider will be the style of bed. Will you need a bunk bed for several children, sleepovers, or will a single bed be sufficient? Many great themed beds are available for both girls and boys, as are high sleeper cabin style beds; many integrate very useful features such as computer desks. There are so many children's beds available, with manufacturers developing new designs every week.

Before choosing, consider the age of your child; are they likely to grow out of the design? Or is it going to last them for many years to come? Also remember that kids are the masters of finding alternative uses for their beds. Storing toys on an upper bunk or filling the drawers with things has to factor into your choices. Whatever you decide, Mattressman has a huge range of all kinds of kids beds, ready for free next day delivery.
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Bunk Beds

For kids, there’s nothing more fun than bunk beds! But there are lots of benefits for parents too — bunk beds are a fantastic way to save space, leaving plenty of room for playing, but many can still be taken apart to make two separate beds if you want. Side rails and sturdy ladders keep your kids safe, and with lots of different styles, including metal, natural wood, or a painted finish, there’s something here for every child! With great prices, easy orders and free next-day delivery, all you’ll have to worry about is who’s going to get the top bunk!

Cabin Bed

If you don’t want your little one quite so high off the ground, cabin beds are a great alternative to high-sleepers or bunk beds, and you’ll find it much easier to tuck your kids in at night as well! Cabin beds are also a brilliant way to make the most of space during the day, with options for built-in drawers, cupboards, shelves, and more. Or just leave the space beneath the bed clear for the ultimate den-building spot! Bedtime will never get boring with our cabin bed range!

Childrens Beds

With our themed children’s beds, you can instantly transform your child’s bedroom into a princess castle, a football stadium, a race car track, and more! These children’s beds make bedtime that little bit more fun! They look cool and exciting, but that doesn’t mean they’re not practical — they’re easy to assemble and some of our Kidsaw beds even come with extra storage space to help keep your child’s bedroom organised and tidy!

High Sleeper

There’s no need for anyone to miss out on the top bunk with a high-sleeper bed! An excellent space-saver, there’s plenty of room beneath the raised bed to fit furniture such as a desk, drawers, shelves, or a wardrobe. You could even stash a foldout bed there for sleepovers! Our high-sleeper beds are fun and safe, with side rails to prevent any tumbles. Browse our full range of high-sleeper beds now!

Cot Beds

Get your new arrival all settled in with a stunning cot bed from Mattressman. This range of cot beds has something to suit every nursery, with a wide choice of painted and natural wood finishes to create a calming space for your baby. All the cot beds we sell are adjustable for easy use, as well as for preventing any climbing in the middle of the night! Our cot beds comply with all required safety regulations.

Cot Mattresses

Find the perfect first mattress for your baby with Mattressman! We have foam, fibre, and spring interior cot mattresses, so you’re able to make the best choice for your child. With removeable, machine-washable, breathable covers, these cot mattresses will stay cool and are easy to keep clean.

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