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What types of beds does our collection feature?

Bunk beds

Bunk beds are one of the most popular bed frame variations for a pair of siblings sharing a bedroom. As the structure's emphasis is placed on height instead of width, two beds occupy the same amount of horizontal space as a single bed would.

Mid sleepers

A mid sleeper also features a raised sleeping surface, but instead of the bottom bunk, this bed frame type features integrated storage in the form of drawers, shelves and other similar storage solutions. A mid sleeper is ideal for any child's bedroom as they provide a convenient place to store toys, books and other possessions.

Cabin beds

This type of bed frame is placed low to the ground and is ideal for any child transitioning from a cot to their first bed. One of the standout features of our LPD Furniture cabin beds is that despite their compact structure, these beds feature storage facilities in the form of shelves and cupboards. The on-display storage area actively encourages littluns to tidy their rooms and provides the ideal place to show off their favourite toys.

What styles does our range resemble?

Wooden structures

The entire range is constructed from natural wood, such as pine or oak or manufactured wood. Aside from the beauty that wooden beds possess, wood is renowned for being hard-wearing, ensuring your child's bed will last for many years. Our collection can be categorised into natural and painted wood options; natural wood embodies a rustic and authentic style that adds abundant warmth and character to a room. In contrast, painted wood adds a modern and sleek touch to the traditional style and aesthetic that wood embodies.

Themed bed frames

The Hickory House Bed allows your child to vicariously experience the joys and wonders of being a homeowner from the comfort of their bedroom. This cute and playful design features the silhouette of a house and adds distinctive style to any child's bedroom. With the choice of a white, grey or black finish, match the bed frame to the room's layout and style.

What sizes of bed frames comprise our range?

Our entire LPD Furniture child's bed range features single options compatible with single mattresses.

Why shop with Mattressman?

With a commitment to affordability, we're determined to ensure your money goes further. With stylish and quality products that can be purchased at an affordable price, we're sure to deliver a seamless shopping experience to all our customers. Moreover, our free-next-working day delivery for all in-stock items (08.00 am - 06.00 pm) reiterates our commitment to providing excellent customer service. Simply place your order and leave it with us to arrange delivery.

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