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What does our collection of Julian Bowen beds consist of?

Cot beds

Our stylish and robust cot bed is ideal for any nursery.

Low sleepers

A low sleeper is an incredibly popular option because the bed frame is positioned close to the ground, thus ensuring optimal safety. These beds also feature the added benefit of integrated storage to accommodate the room's possessions.

Mid sleepers

Regarding height, the next stage up from a low sleeper is a mid sleeper. These beds are similar to low sleepers, with the exception of a raised sleeping surface allowing for storage underneath the bed.

High sleepers

A high sleeper is similar to a bunk bed; however, spacious storage facilities feature in place of a bottom bunk. The appeal of low, mid and high sleepers is that they pave the way for a tidy bedroom by providing a convenient place to store bedroom possessions.

Bunk beds

For any child's bedroom occupied by two or three siblings, the likelihood is that the room will feature a bunk bed. Bunk beds place emphasis on height as opposed to width and therefore resemble the width of one bed whilst being able to sleep two children. For optimal safety and peace of mind, every bunk bed is accompanied by a robust ladder and guard rails surrounding the top bunk.

Triple sleepers

A triple sleeper is a bunk bed variation designed for a trio of siblings to occupy. Our triple sleepers either comprise three single beds, all placed on top of one another, or a double bottom bunk and single top bunk. A triple sleeper is likely an incredibly convenient purchase for a kid's bedroom sleeping three.

Gaming beds

Our gaming beds are designed to cater to any avid gamer's needs. These high sleeper beds provide the ultimate gaming set-up, feature storage space for consoles and accessories, and an open area to store a television or monitor.

Themed and novelty beds

If a fun and exciting bed frame is on your child's wish list, Julian Bowen covers all your needs. Courtesy of our super cool racecar single bed or our London Bus and Campervan bunk beds, add great character and vibrancy to your kids' bedroom. With a novelty bed, your little one can live out their wildest fantasies from the safety and comfort of their bedroom.

What materials does our collection comprise?

Solid pine

A pine bed frame exudes character, embodies an elegant and timeless finish and is renowned for its durability. Solid pine is also recognised for its neutrality and seamless ability to integrate into boys' and girls' rooms alike.

Wood effect

Alternatively, choose between wood-effect options such as particleboard or MDF that are equally as beautiful and robust as real wood.

What sizes does our collection of Julian Bowen children's beds feature?

The majority of our range consists of single beds and is, therefore, likely to be compatible with your child's mattress.

What colours can I choose from?

With a wide array of colours, including pink, blue and grey, you can be sure to find a suitable match for your little one's bedroom.

Why shop with Mattressman?

With a commitment to each and every customer, you can rely on quality bed frames at even better prices. Moreover, our in-stock Julian Bowen beds qualify for free next-working-day delivery (8.00 am – 6.00 pm) anywhere within the UK mainland.

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