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What size is a double bed?

Double beds measure 135cm wide and 190cm long (4ft 6ins wide and 6ft 3ins long); this contrasts with small double beds that measure 135cm wide and 190cm long (4ft 6ins wide and 6ft 3ins long).

What types of kids' double beds does Mattressman feature?

Our kids' double beds include triple sleeper bunk beds, ideal for accommodating three sleepers, with the bottom bunk featuring a double bed and a single bed on the top bunk. Triple Sleeper bunk beds are ideal for a trio of siblings sharing a bedroom and represent a space-saving solution to keep a child's bedroom tidy.

Are bunk beds the same as mid sleeper and high sleeper beds?

Whilst mid sleepers, high sleeper beds and bunk beds are perfectly suited for children's bedrooms and resemble similar structures in the sense that they are considered 'high beds', there is a significant difference; with mid and high sleepers, in place of the bottom bunk, these beds feature integrated storage in the form of desks, shelves and drawers underneath the top bunk.

Is this type of kids' bed suitable for me?

Our range of triple sleeper kids' beds represents an ideal option for all children's bedrooms and is appealing to girls and boys alike; however, this isn't to say that triple sleeper bed frames are necessarily the right bed for your child's bedroom. It's essential to consider the requirements of your next kids' bed and whether a triple sleeper is perfect for your little ones.

Who are you buying the bed for?

Of course, if two or three children share a bedroom, it makes perfect sense to purchase a triple sleeper. Triple sleepers are often utilised by a pair of siblings, with the older child enjoying the additional space of a kids' double bed and the younger child occupying the top bunk. Additionally, a triple sleeper may even represent a viable option for a single child with the space underneath the top bunk used for storage purposes; however, they are best suited for two or three children to enjoy the full benefits of a triple sleeper bed. For a single child's bedroom, browse our range of European single kids' beds.

Are bunk beds suitable for your children?

Due to its elevated height, the top bunk of bunk beds is designed to sleep children between six and sixteen. With this in mind, if your eldest child is under six, it's worth looking at an alternative children's bed to ensure your child's comfort and safety, such as our range of toddler beds and cabin beds. On the contrary, if you have older children who are approaching their teenage years, they may prefer a high sleeper bed featuring more space and independence in comparison to bunk beds.

What are cabin beds?

A cabin bed is a single kids' bed with integrated storage solutions ranging from drawers, cupboards and pull-out desks. Depending on the style and design of the cabin bed, they are placed closer to the ground than bunk beds.

Consider the size of your kids' bedroom

Triple sleepers are best suited for smaller rooms due to their convenient space-saving structures; if your children have the luxury of sharing a large bedroom, you may have the advantage of choosing from any one of our children's beds, such as; toddler beds, cabin beds and themed beds among other kids' beds.

What materials does Mattressman's range of double bunk beds consist of?

Our double triple sleepers are constructed from metal, so if you're searching for stylish metal kids' beds designed to stand the test of time, consider our range of stylish and affordable kids' double, triple sleepers.

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