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Double Kids Beds

Overall it’s not particularly common for kids to have double beds, however we stock double beds for kids which have great purpose. These beds are especially great for homes that are limited by space, as these bunk beds feature a double on the bottom and a single on the top.

Perfect for siblings sharing a room (with the older obviously taking the bottom bunk!), it really saves space and means there’s room for other furnishings. Certainly an innovative take on a bunk bed, the ladder curves down over the top bunk on the right sides of the bed.

We work with manufacturers like Birlea and Serene Furnishings for this range. Creating furnishings to a high-quality finish, Serene Furnishings have also incorporated storage solutions into their ‘Three Sleeper’ bed, making it even more space-savvy. Take a look at our range today if your childrens bed is in need of a revamp…