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Single Children's Beds

If you’re looking to update your child’s bed frame, then the single kids bed option is by far the most popular. We have a great range of singles, spanning from bunk beds, cabin beds, high to mid sleepers, trundle beds and even house beds.

We stock both wooden and metal frames, so you will be able to find something that fits the needs of your child as well as the decor in their rooms. On top of this, we have super-practical beds with pull out desks, storage solutions and shelves. Mid and high sleepers allow for more storage underneath a bed, so there’s even more room for other furnishings elsewhere!

Whilst we have practical single kids beds, we also have innovative and fun frames that will let your child’s imagination run wild. For example, the house beds from Birlea or LPD Furniture feature a basic yet unusual frame but there’s a tonne of fun to be had with it. Not to mention the themed beds from Julian Bowen and Kidsaw!

Alongside these trusty manufacturers, we also work with Snuggle Beds, GFW, Limelight, Silentnight and Serene Furnishings. To find your next kids bed upgrade, take a look through the range that we offer…