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What is a kids' single bed?

As the name indicates, a kids' single bed is simply a structure designed to accommodate a single mattress. What sets this type of bed apart from a standard single bed is its style and design. For example, our bunk beds and playful and themed kids' single bed frames are unlikely to be suitable for teenagers or adults. This type of bed encompasses many names and is often referred to as 'toddler beds' or 'cabin beds'. Please note our collection comprises UK beds as opposed to European single kids' beds; for information regarding dimensions, please view the individual product descriptions.

What does our collection consist of?

Bunk beds

For any children sharing a bedroom, the likelihood is that the room will feature a bunk bed. With one bed placed on top of another, this type of bed is considered a fantastic space-saving solution. For peace of mind, sturdy and robust ladders and guard rails surrounding the top bunk ensure optimal safety.

Consider a triple sleeper

A triple sleeper is a bunk bed that sleeps three, either in the form of a double bed forming the bottom bunk and a single top bunk or three single beds placed on top of one another.

Cabin beds

A cabin bed, commonly referred to as a low sleeper or a toddler bed, is perhaps the most common variation of a kids' bed. These beds are positioned close to the ground and are, therefore, ideally suited for young children. Our cabin bed collection also features the benefit of integrated storage space to store toys, books and other bedroom essentials, thus allowing for greater floor space. These integrated storage features include shelving and drawers underneath the sleeping surface.

Mid sleepers

A mid-sleeper is categorised by an elevated sleeping surface with an open area or integrated storage functions below the bed. These storage functions commonly consist of shelves, drawers and pull-out desks. However, if you're looking for a bed frame that can add a touch of excitement to your little ones' room, consider a mid-sleeper featuring a fun and exciting slide.

High sleepers

High sleepers, similar to mid sleepers, feature a raised bed platform. However, high sleepers are taller than mid-sleepers and are considered more appropriate for older children than mid-sleepers. With ample space underneath the bed or various storage functions, a high sleeper bed frame is incredibly practical.

Gaming beds

The perfect bed for any gaming enthusiast, a gaming bed can transform your child's console time. Our gaming beds are a variation of high sleeper beds and feature the capacity to store every gaming essential your child has in one central and convenient place.

Themed and novelty beds

There is nothing to say that children's beds can't embody a fun and eccentric design, such as our wonderful racecar or pirate ship replica beds, safari bunk beds or our Disney children's single bed collection. Explore our wide array of themed and novelty beds and ensure your child can enjoy awesome play time from the comfort of their bedroom.

What materials does our collection comprise?


In addition to its fantastic strength and durability, metal is an incredibly sleek and stylish material.

Wood or wood-effect

Our wooden kids' beds are either constructed from pine wood or rubber wood, ensuring the bed is designed to withstand the test of time as well as embodying a classic and beautifully traditional aesthetic. Alternatively, a wide range of our beds comprises wood-effect materials such as coated particleboard, chipboard or MDF which, similarly to wood, are incredibly robust and durable.

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