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What size is a children's bed?

Firstly, the size of a kid's bed depends on what type of bed frame it is. All the dimensions of our children's beds are listed within each product as they all vary somewhat, but kids' beds can generally vary from small European single kids' beds to small double sizes. For example, bunk beds can accommodate small single (75 x 190cm), single (90 x 190cm) and small double (120 x 190cm) mattresses. You may not be surprised to learn that the majority of our collection features single beds, ideal for the majority of children's bedrooms. 

What types of kids' beds are available?

Cabin beds

A cabin bed is a fantastic choice for a kids' bed as they often combine an assortment of storage options. Including shelves, cupboards, drawers or a combination of all three, our range of cabin beds will have your children excited for bedtime. We have options for older or younger children, but having space underneath their bed to store toys is important regardless of their age.

Bunk beds

Have children that share a room? A bunk bed is an ideal option to maximise floor space in your children's bedroom. Our bunk beds for kids come in various sizes, including a small single, single, and an option that includes a small double on the bottom bunk and a single bed on the top bunk.

Is a bunk bed suitable for my children?

Due to their elevated height, it's recommended that children over the age of six occupy the top bunk. Therefore, if your children are younger than six, a toddler bed may be a more viable option.

Toddler beds

For a toddler bed, we have a variety of smaller and low bed frames suitable for younger children. In addition, we feature imaginative wooden kids' beds in the form of a pirate ship, racing cars, and a London bus toddler bed among other imaginative designs. This type of toddler bed re-imagines bedtime and represents an immersive and enjoyable play area, the dream for any child's room.

High sleeper beds

If your child has a small room or you require storage solutions for your children, high sleepers are a great way of achieving this. Because the bed is raised to a particular height, many brands that produce high sleeper bed frames incorporate various storage solutions. High sleepers often include innovative storage features, including shelves, built-in drawers, desks, cupboards, bookcases, wardrobes and more; these spaces are ideal for storing toys, clothes, schoolwork and books.

Mid sleeper beds

Our range of mid sleepers is between a standard bed frame and a high sleeper. Brilliant for any child's room, mid sleepers offer practical functions such as shelves, cupboards, desks and drawers underneath the mattress.

Benefits of our kids' beds

Storage solutions

As described above, the majority of our children's bed collection includes storage solutions. For several parents, storage solutions are what they're looking for in a new bed for a kids' room. Perfect for organising toys, clothes, gadgets and schoolwork, there are many benefits to the designs we showcase at Mattressman.

Imaginative designs

Besides storage, we feature a lot of imaginative kids' beds that are full of character. From children's beds that embody a house, treehouse, teepee, racing cars, London buses, and so much more, we're sure that your child will be excited to go to sleep with a bed frame like this.

What is the right mattress for a child?

Whilst many mattresses in our ranges are designed specifically for kid's beds, you do not necessarily have to opt for one of these options. Often, children don't need a mattress that's any firmer than a medium or medium firm mattress. This is because their bodies are much smaller, thus, do not require as much support as adults. We recommend avoiding memory foam and choosing a traditionally sprung mattress for smaller children and toddlers, such as an open coil or pocket springs. For older children and teens, it doesn't matter the composition of the mattress; you can opt for a variety of mattress types: open coil, pocket sprung, memory foam, hybrid or latex.

Children's bed brands

Understanding all the aspects that children love in a bed frame, trusted brands such as Birlea, LPD Furniture, Julian Bowen, Dorel and Heartlands Furniture design and produce brilliant collections of kid's beds. With an array of excellent and durable children's beds to choose from, Mattressman features the perfect kids' bed for your little one.

Why shop at Mattressman?

Shopping at Mattressman couldn't be more simple with the services we offer. Get your kids' bed speedily thanks to our free next working day delivery service, which can come as soon as the next working day if the item is in-stock in our warehouse. For the perfect bed at an even greater price, you can count on Mattressman.

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