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What is the size difference between a small single bed and a single bed?

Our range of European single kids' beds and single beds both measure 6'3" long (190cm), with a small single bed measuring 2'6" (75cm) wide in contrast to single bed frames measuring 3'0" wide (90cm).

What types of children's single beds does Mattressman feature?

Bunk beds

A mainstay in children's bedrooms, bunk beds are a convenient sleeping solution for siblings sharing a bedroom. A bunk bed is a fantastic space-saving solution as they resemble the width of a single bed frame whilst conveniently sleeping two children. Alternatively, bunk beds can be utilised by a single child opting to sleep on the top bunk, with the bottom bunk acting as a storage facility to store toys and other bedroom accessories.

 Not merely renowned for its superb practicality, our small single bunk bed takes on the appearance of a retro, quirky campervan reimagining the concept of bedtime and providing a play area in addition to somewhere to sleep at night. Consider the Julian Bowen Campervan Bunk Bed if you're searching for imaginative and vibrant kids' beds.

High sleeper kids' beds

High sleeper beds resemble the structure of bunk beds, but in place of the bottom bunk, high sleepers feature built-in storage to free up floor space in your child's room and allow for a minimalist living space. With ample space underneath, our range of children's beds with storage has the potential to rejuvenate your child's bedroom. Due to its elevated height, a high sleeper bed is recommended for children aged six and over; this is in contrast to a mid sleeper that can accommodate children of four and above.

What is the difference between mid sleepers and high sleeper kids' beds?

Whilst both of these single beds with storage offer a space saving solution; a high sleeper is elevated higher than a mid sleeper.

Wooden kids' beds

With many new, imaginative kids' bed frame designs, a traditional, elegant, understated wooden kids' bed is often overlooked. Our Heartlands kids' small single bed, consisting of gorgeous pinewood, offers a classic and traditional style to children's bedrooms.

What brands of kids' single beds does Mattressman feature?

Mattressman features Julian Bowen and Heartlands single kids' beds, brands that are renowned for their reliability and quality.

What is the difference between children's single beds and cabin beds?

Cabin beds are placed lower to the ground than standard, kids' single beds. Cabin beds are often referred to as toddler beds and are seen as a bed to bridge the gap between a cot and a single bed. If it's a toddler bed that you're looking for, check out our extensive range of cabin beds.

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