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Who are Limelight Beds?

Limelight Beds boast over 20 years of experience and are a wholesaler of a vast array of bed frames. Whilst Limelight isn't a UK bed store, they're a leading supplier of beds nationwide to retailers and produce beds varying in style and design, ensuring they feature something for every bedroom.

What does our collection consist of?

Wooden bed frames

Our wooden beds are categorised into two types of beds; natural and painted wood options. Whereas natural wood showcases a distinctly traditional aesthetic embodying a warm and rustic style, painted wood is compatible with both contemporary and traditional bedrooms.

Metal beds

Metal beds are another bed frame style that, depending on the design, can suit traditional or modern bedrooms. Courtesy of the beautiful curved metal designs, intrinsic detailing and elegant finials, our collection of metal beds exudes opulence and luxury.

Fabric beds

Our fabric bed range from Limelight embodies eye-catching style and sumptuous soft finishes. Reaffirming the style of these beds, our range includes stunning designs such as buttoned detailing and winged-style headboards.

Ottoman beds

Part of our Limelight Beds collection consists of ottoman bed frames, otherwise known as storage beds. The beauty of an ottoman bed is its multifunctionality; by simply raising the foot end of the bed via springs or a similar mechanism, ample storage space is revealed. An ottoman bed is an excellent choice if you're seeking additional storage space and ensures your bedroom accessories are always accessible and within easy reach.

Sprung slats or solid slats

Slats feature across the base of the bed and provide additional comfort and support to the mattress. However, there is a slight differentiation between these slats; sprung slats offer the mattress a slightly 'bouncier feel', whereas solid slats provide the mattress with firmer support.

What sizes are our beds available in?

Our beds include single, small double, double, king and super king-size options to suit every sleeper.

Why should I consider a Limelight bed?

Whether you're looking for a sleeping solution for a guest room and your heart is set on a more permanent fixture than sofa beds have to offer, or you require a statement bed frame for the master bedroom, Limelight is sure to feature your dream bed frame. As stylish as they are durable, Limelight's collection of excellent bedroom furniture ticks every box. For an easy bedtime routine and a great night's sleep, look no further than Limelight Beds and be sure to overcome any bedtime blues.

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