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Who is Julian Bowen?

Julian Bowen is a leading supplier of living room, dining room and bedroom furniture within the UK and prides itself on quality, style, durability and value for money. Another key aspect of their business is their superb range of mattresses, ensuring a better night's sleep is accessible and within easy reach for all.

What does our Julian Bowen furniture collection consist of?

Children's beds

With a range of styles and designs on offer, in addition to integrated storage options, many of our children's beds feature integrated storage in the form of drawers and shelves.

Cot bed

Adorable and robust, our Julian Bowen cot is ideal for any nursery.

Cabin beds

The innovative designs of our Julian Bowen cabin beds culminate in bed frames that can accommodate your children's storage. In addition, with a plethora of colour options to choose from, your child's bed can be tailored to their room's design and layout.

Low sleepers

A low sleeper is similar to a cabin bed, with the exception of a slightly elevated sleeping surface.

Mid sleepers and high sleepers

These types of beds resemble a structure similar to that of a bunk bed; however, in place of the bottom bunk features either integrated storage facilities or an open space to accommodate possessions. As the name suggests, the difference between a mid sleeper and a high sleeper is the bed's height; therefore, your child's age should be considered when choosing between a mid sleeper and a high sleeper.

Bunk beds

Bunk beds are incredibly convenient for any siblings sharing a bedroom and feature one bunk placed on top of another, thus allowing for greater floor space. Equally as practical and stylish, you'd be hard-[pressed to find a more suitable bed than a Julian Bowen bunk bed.

Triple sleepers

A triple sleeper is a bunk bed variation and sleeps a trio of siblings; these beds are either categorised by a double bottom bunk and a single top bunk or three single bunks all placed on top of one another.

Gaming beds

Julian Bowen's collection of gaming beds provides the ultimate set-up for any avid gamer. Our gaming beds are categorised as high sleepers and feature storage options to accommodate games, controllers and consoles and open space for a television or monitor to be placed against the wall.

Themed and novelty beds

Our range of themed beds is genuinely admirable. The attention to detail and intrinsic patterning featured throughout these beds results in quirky and cool designs such as a racecar or London Bus replica.

Bed frames

Complementing our extensive collection of children's bed frames is our range of wooden, metal, fabric and ottoman bed options. Our beds vary from minimalist and understated designs to traditional, quaint wooden and metal options and lavish and exuberant fabric beds. Whether your bedroom is synonymous with traditional settings or is more contemporary styled, our range caters to your aesthetic needs. If a bed frame with storage is a necessity for your room, consider our ottoman bed collection that places equal emphasis on practicality and style. Courtesy of our wonderful Julian Bowen beds, you can expect quality and style at unmissable prices.

Bedroom furniture

A bedroom isn't complete without furniture for clothes, books, DVDs and other bedroom mainstays. Our robust and practical furniture range consists of wardrobes, chests of drawers, bedside chests and dressing tables, among other beautiful pieces. Encompassing modern and traditional designs and materials varying from wood or wood-effect options to sleek, gloss pieces, we're confident that our Julian Bowen furniture collection can seamlessly integrate into your home.

Dining room furniture

To ensure a matching bedroom, living room and dining room aesthetic, it only makes sense that your home draws upon inspiration from Julian Bowen. This collection comprises dining chairs, dining room sets and benches.

Why shop with Mattressman?

Not only does our Julian Bowen furniture reflect fantastic value for money, but our offers and deals that commonly accompany our products ensure your bedroom furniture can be bought at a truly special price allowing you to save money.

Free delivery

Demonstrating our commitment to our customers, our entire Julian Bowen furniture range qualifies for free next-working-day delivery (8.00 am – 6.00 pm), providing the item is in stock. So simply add your furniture to the basket, proceed to the checkout, and you'll receive your furniture in next to no time.

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