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Silentnight mattresses

Choosing your mattress is never a quick process, nor should it be. An unsuitable mattress runs the risk of poor spinal alignment and a disrupted and uncomfortable night's sleep. Therefore, the criteria for purchasing a mattress must revolve around your stature and sleeping position, among other factors. As previously mentioned, with Silentnight occupying the title as the UK's most trusted sleep brand, our range of Silentnight mattresses is perfectly tailored to your bedtime requirements to ensure a great night's sleep. Read below for a detailed insight into our wide array of Silentnight mattresses and discover your perfect mattress.

What mattress firmness is right for me?


A soft Silentnight mattress is ideal for side sleepers; this sleeping position enables the mattress to cushion the hips and shoulder and is, therefore, able to provide targeted support where you require it most. In addition, a soft mattress is designed for lighter sleepers as anyone of a heavier stature runs the risk of their body sinking into the mattress.


A medium mattress is targeted at side sleepers; cushioning can be provided to pressure points such as the shoulders and hips, promoting healthy spine alignment.

Medium Firm

A medium firm mattress is perhaps the most versatile of all mattresses, with a delicate balance between a soft and firm tension. A medium firm mattress is suited for people who interchange sleeping positions throughout the night. It isn't too firm to cause improper spine alignment when sleeping on your side, but it's firm enough to support back or front sleeping.


A firm mattress occupies front and back sleepers, as the firm tension can evenly distribute weight and provide soothing pressure relief to pressure points. In addition, a firm mattress offers more support to keep your spine aligned in a healthy position whilst sleeping. 

Extra Firm

An extra firm mattress is similar to an extra firm mattress, except that it provides firmer support. An extra firm mattress, sometimes referred to as an orthopaedic mattress, is designed to improve spinal alignment and combat back pain, neck problems or pain in the joints or hips. If you're searching for firmer support for your spine and back, our range of Silentnight extra firm mattresses may be just what you're looking for.

What types of Silentnight mattresses are available?

With various compositions and fillings available, a good night's sleep is within easy reach. With various compositions and fillings available, a good night's sleep is within easy reach. Moreover, our Silentnight mattresses qualify for our 60-night sleep trial when purchased alongside a mattress protector. Detailed below is insight into our different Silentnight mattress types.


Silentnight's Miracoil system, exclusive to Silentnight, bears a resemblance to an open coil system but features a significant difference; the amount of sleep space in a double Miracoil mattress is, in fact, the same size as a king-size traditional open coil mattress. In addition to the extra space, the Miracoil system provides edge-to-edge, zoned support to improve spinal alignment. The relatively inexpensive manufacturing costs of the Miracoil spring system are reflected in the price; therefore, a Silentnight Miracoil mattress is a fantastic budget option. In addition, the quality of Miracoil mattresses is uncompromising, and the open coil system evenly distributes body weight and provides a reassuringly even and comfortable sleeping experience. For an affordable and comfortable mattress, Mattressman's range of Silentnight Miracoil mattresses has your best interests at heart. 


Silentnight's Mirapocket system is an exclusive variation of the widespread and trusted pocket sprung system; similarly to a pocket sprung system, Mirapockets consist of individual pocket springs with each spring enclosed in a sleeve. Each pocket spring reacts to your movements and provides tailored support to the contours of your body. Silentnight's Mirapocket spring mattresses are particularly beneficial for anyone sharing a bed as pocket springs possess excellent motion isolation meaning your partner's movements throughout the night won't impact you. For a mattress that ensures less partner disturbance and provides zoned support to your body, consider a Mirapocket mattress exclusive to the Silentnight range. 

Mattresses with fibre fillings

A mattress with fibre fillings usually consists of an open coil or pocket spring system as the mattresses base. The benefits of natural fibres are twofold; moisture control and their anti-allergy properties. Moreover, fibre fillings possess hypoallergenic properties and are, therefore, perfect for hay fever and dust mite allergy sufferers.

Reflex foam and memory foam

A foam layer in a mattress often accompanies an open coil or spring system to reinforce the comfort and tailored support of the mattress. However, Silentnight realises the ever-growing preference for solely foam mattresses and features reflex foam mattresses with reflex foam and a layer of memory foam placed underneath the sleeping surface. This material is made of millions of tiny holes that seep out air when pressure is applied, contributing to the body-moulding and heat retention properties that this material upholds. Reflex foam also consists of a variety of tiny holes that condense and adapt to your body's contours. In addition to the comfort of the foam, reflex foam is firm and promotes healthy spine alignment, as your body won't experience a sinking feeling when lying on the mattress. 

In addition to a coil or pocket spring system

A thin layer of memory foam is placed on top of the pocket spring or coil system for tailored support and comfort, resulting in a hybrid mattress that reaps the benefits of the foam and either an open coil system or a spring system.  

Is a Silentnight mattress with memory foam right for me?

This material is renowned for its significant heat retention properties and is ideal for those who prefer to sleep in a warm and cosy environment. If you're a sink in snoozer, memory foam is perfect.

Gel Foam

This type of mattress combines gel foam with a sprung or foam base to provide tailored support and prevent heat buildup to ensure a comfortable sleeping temperature. Gel foam is designed to regulate the temperature throughout the night; therefore, a cooling gel mattress is perfect for those who feel too hot at night. If the idea of a memory foam mattress appeals to you, but you are deterred by the heat retention properties, then a gel foam mattress is ideal. 


A geltex mattress incorporates a gel-infused layer often paired with a Miracoil or pocket sprung unit that actively responds to your body as you sleep, providing soothing pressure relief and ease of movement for a more comfortable sleep. In addition, the breathable structure of the geltex mattresses allows air to circulate, ensuring you won't overheat and consequently results in the ultimate night's sleep.

Environmentally friendly mattresses

Silentnight isn't merely content with producing quality and durable mattresses. Instead, they are immensely proud of their eco-friendly range of mattresses. Silentnight's eco comfort range proactively supports the restoration and preservation of planet Earth; alongside their title as 'Sleep Experts', they've flourished in their role as planet savers. 

Every mattress in the range includes Silentnight's unique Eco comfort fibres, ingeniously formed from recycled plastic. Additionally, through Silentnight's recycling scheme, all Eco comfort mattresses are fully recyclable, reducing the amount of waste that goes to landfill. The success is laid bare, with the Eco comfort range preventing 105 million plastic bottles from reaching the ocean.

Furthermore, Silentnight's commitment to the environment is reinforced by their commitment to the Climate pledge and target to be net zero carbon by 2040 with a strong desire to be a carbon-neutral business. For all the premium qualities you would expect from a Silentnight mattress with a set of prominent environmental properties, browse our range of Silentnight Eco Comfort mattresses. 

Silentnight mattresses for your little ones

Ideal for all sleepy heads, our range of kid's and cot mattresses are sure to provide an excellent night's sleep for your little one.  

Cot Mattresses

Silentnight's cot mattresses are designed and manufactured to prevent or combat bedtime accidents. They also provide a cool and comfortable night's rest, so your little one can sleep peacefully.

Kid's Mattresses

Silentnight's kids' mattresses provide head-to-toe tailored support and comfort for your child. With benefits including hypoallergenic properties, your child can sleep at night knowing their mattress offers fantastic support and comfort.

What other products does Silentnight produce?

With such a passion and focus on providing the ultimate nighttime experience, Silentnight aren't content with merely featuring its premium range of mattresses; on the contrary, our range of Silentnight products showcases a wide array of bedroom essentials.


A fabric headboard offers a sleek and stylish finish to your bed whilst showcasing the bed frame as the room's focal point; standing tall, the headboard ensures the bed captures the room's attention. With an array of striking and colourful styles to choose from, we're sure our range will leave you spoilt for choice. Whilst the aesthetic purpose of the headboard is plain for all to see, headboards also prevent your pillows from falling off the bed, provide sufficient and comforting support to your back and can prevent damage to the wall. So, whether it's a stylish contemporary buttoned headboard or an elegant winged headboard, Silentnight can accommodate your bedroom requirements. 

Divan Bed (Base only)

For a stylish and practical divan bed base, look no further than Silentnight's range. With an elegant and durable bed frame that offers storage space, a divan bed base from Silentnight blurs the lines between style and practicality.


Whether it's a stylish duvet cover with a thread count to be proud of, luxurious and premium duvets and pillows, a pillow protector to maintain the quality of your favourite pillow, or a Silentnight mattress topper to provide additional protection to your mattress, Silentnight has your bedding essentials taken care of. Our Silentnight pillows have proven particularly popular as they offer a similar sensation to our wide array of supportive and comfortable Silentnight mattresses.

Bedding accessories

As winter strikes and the temperature drops, consider a Silentnight electric blanket as a heating alternative to ensure a warm and cosy night's sleep. Similarly, the incredibly soft and comfortable Silentnight heated throw could help you navigate the colder months of the year.

Silentnight bed frames

Upholstered in natural wood to ensure a classic and elegant structure, our range of Silentnight beds promises a great night's sleep. So for your next bed frame, purchasing one of our Silentnight beds, renowned for being a trusted bed brand, makes sense. Moreover, if it's a bed and mattress you're looking for, consider a Silentnight divan, which can be found under the divan section of our website.

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