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What does our bed frame collection comprise?

LPD has proven so popular over the years because their vast array of bed frames vary in style and design, ensuring a bed frame for every bedroom.

Fabric beds

Our collection of upholstered beds is truly stunning, destined to take their place as the bedroom's statement piece of furniture. Our fabric beds either adopt subtle colour schemes constituting light pastel pinks, greys and beiges or bold and more eccentric colours, including emerald greens and bright oranges and yellows. With an array of colours to choose from, each one connoting different styles, tailor your fabric bed to a specific colour scheme and room layout you have in mind. A standout feature of our fabric beds is the glorious headboard detailing varying from buttoned details, winged headboards and more; further insight into our headboard’s different styles is detailed below.

Ottoman beds

Our range of ottoman beds comprises wooden or fabric beds and serve as excellent storage solutions. The appeal of our LPD ottoman beds is the blurred lines between style and practicality. From lifting the foot end of the bed, ample storage space resides beneath the mattress and provides a convenient central location to accommodate bedding and other bedroom essentials.

Metal beds

Depending on the style of the metal bed frame, it'll either be synonymous with beds that feature in contemporary-styled spaces or traditional bedrooms. For example, the modernity of our metal bed frames is identified by a serene white or rich black finish. In contrast, our metal beds showcase opulent and glamerous headboard and footend detail, alluding to a bed suited to a traditional room. Having said this, the minimalist styles that most of our metal bed frames possess mean they can seamlessly integrate into various bedroom styles.

Leather beds

Our faux-leather beds replicate the appearance and feel of genuine leather at a more affordable price. Therefore, if your heart is set on a leather bed, but the price deters you, our LPD leather beds will surely cater to your needs. Our faux-leather beds are available in white and black.

What colours can I choose from?

Our collection has a plethora of colours varying from white, grey and black to blue, orange and yellow, among others.

What headboard styles does our range showcase?

Buttoned detailing

Buttoned detailing is commonly associated with Chesterfield pieces and adds an opulent and glamorous style to the bed's headboard.

Curved headboard and footend

A curved headboard and footend are the easiest way to achieve a standout, statement bed frame. This variation of bed frame manages to achieve an alternative and unorthodox yet glamorous structure.

Scalloped headboards

As the name alludes to, this type of headboard adopts the shape and style of a scallop and, in turn, adds an unprecedented and easy-on-the-eye aesthetic to the bed.

Winged headboards

A winged headboard features inwardly curved pillars on either side of the structure to create an intimate, cosy feel and elegant aesthetic.

Slatted headboards

Slatted headboards tend to comprise, but aren't exclusive to, wooden headboards. This style of headboard features slats within the unit.

What sizes does our LPD bed frame range include?

Our collection comprises single, small double, double, king and super king size options.

Do our beds require assembly?

Self-assembly is required for our bed frames; however, the simple and easy-to-follow assembly instructions ensure a straightforward implementation.

Why shop with Mattressman?

Here at Mattressman, we pride ourselves on excellent value for money, ensuring our customers can receive their dream bed frame at an affordable price.

Free delivery

Here at Mattressman, our entire range of in-stock bed frames qualifies for free next-working-day delivery (08.00 am - 06.00 pm) anywhere within the UK mainland; alternatively, the choice is yours to arrange delivery by choosing a more convenient date. Moreover, for peace of mind, our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team is on hand to help with any queries.

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