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Hypnos Premier Bedstead Mattress

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  • The Premier Bedstead has a pocket spring system, with 1200 springs in a king size mattress
  • A Belgian Damask cover which is made with coconut husks is featured
  • Two rows of hand side-stitching and hand tufting

The Premier Bedstead from Hypnos offers great comfort, support and quality

Hypnos offer a ten year guarantee, because they are confident in their ability to produce a great mattress. Made in Britain, this mattress goes above and beyond to provide you with a great night’s sleep.

Pocket sprung

The Premier Bedstead has a pocket spring system, with 1200 springs in a king size mattress. However this isn’t just any pocket spring, Hypnos use their own ReActive™ 6 pocket spring system which provides a medium firm tension. 

Each spring has 6 active turns, which senses your shape and weight distribution to provide total body support. It’s also double sided, which means you can increase the longevity of this mattress by rotating and flipping the mattress regularly. 

Premier Bedstead Mattress

Luxurious qualities

There are many luxurious aspects to this mattress, starting with the sustainably sourced British wool and eOlus™ fillings. These provide a seriously comfortable experience and you can also sleep better knowing that it’s environmentally friendly too. 

To make this even more luxurious, the Premier Bedstead features a Belgian Damask cover which is made with coconut husks. This gives the mattress the ability to wick away moisture, and excess moisture is released through vents placed around the sides of the mattress. 

Alongside this, there are two rows of hand side-stitching and hand tufting, which both provide edge-to-edge support and tension in the mattress.

Premier Bedstead Mattress

Why should I buy this mattress?

The variety of features in this mattress come together to create the ideal comfort that will help you achieve an energy replenishing sleep. However, what makes the Premier Bedstead even more special, is that its fillings are sustainably sourced, so you can rest easy knowing your luxurious mattress also has a minimised effect on the environment. Plus, this mattress is a medium firm tension, so it can provide the right support for anyone, whether you are a front, back or even side sleeper. Plus, if you are in a couple, it means you and your partner can both sleep in your preferred sleeping positions.

About Hypnos

Hypnos has made world-class mattresses for over a hundred years, and have been honoured with a royal warrant for 'Bedding and upholstery manufacturers'. This symbolises the quality, excellence and service that Hypnos provide. 
On top of this, Hypnos pride themselves on being a sustainable manufacturer, and have recently partnered with Red Tractor Food and Farming Standards. This ensures that their mattresses are filled and upholstered with materials that have environmental standards in mind.

Premier Bedstead Mattress

  • Medium Firm
  • 1200 Pocket Springs
  • Fibre Fillings
  • Wool
  • Mattress Depth
  • Hand Side Stitching
Medium Firm is the level of support to the body, suitable for average to heavily weighted people. This is not a comfort rating.
1200 Pocket Springs With each individual spring encapsulated in fabric, they move independently for a body moulding, no roll together and quiet night's sleep.
Fibre Fillings Fantastic for hay fever sufferers, white fibre fillings are 100% hypoallergenic polyester that's very durable.
Wool Providing natural warmth and comfort, wool is the the best natural mattress insulator going.
Mattress Depth 26 cm
Hand Side Stitching creates a firmer edge to the pocket mattress, a very expensive process, only for top quality mattresses.
Get yourself a Hypnos Premier bedstead! With a lovely Egyptian cotton cover, natural fillings with built in cocona to compliment cooling element of cotton. Its 10 year guarantee speaks volumes for this product!
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