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What is a headboard?

A headboard is a unit the width of the bed frame that is attached to the sleeping end of the bed and resides above the bed frame. When purchasing a headboard as a standalone product, both the bed and headboard must be the same size.

What are headboards made from?

A headboard can encompass many materials, the most common being; wooden headboards, metal headboards and upholstered headboards with a soft, stylish fabric material. Wooden headboards are considered classic and traditional, whereas an upholstered or metal headboard tends to suit a contemporary bedroom.

What Hypnos headboards do Mattressman feature?

Hypnos' beautifully upholstered headboard range

Our Hypnos range features elegantly shaped headboards that are perhaps best represented by their Fiona headboard and Grace headboard. Whichever headboard you opt for, our sumptuously upholstered headboards are designed to fit a deep divan or shallow divan base. The main appeal of our Hypnos headboard range is the sheer number of styles and designs; read below for further information regarding the different types and designs of Hypnos headboards.

A Hypnos floorstanding headboard

A Hypnos floorstanding headboard, such as our elegant euro headboard range, is elegant, durable, and renowned for the ease with which it can attach to a divan bed.

A Hypnos strutted headboard

Strutted headboards are ideally suited to divan beds as their two reinforced struts ensure an easy assembly process.

A Hypnos buttoned headboard

This type of headboard features a deeply buttoned central panel and embodies a contemporary design. Moreover, the soft-to-the-touch fabric and heavily padded border culminate in a headboard that is as comfortable as stylish. Moreover, whilst not defined as buttoned headboards, some of our Slate Weave headboards feature deep-buttoned squares. The beauty of our buttoned range is their timeless elegance which bridges the gap between classic and contemporary styles.

Headboard features

In addition to the different styles and designs of headboards, our Hypnos headboard range incorporates beautiful, intricate details such as hand-piped detailing and vertical panels. If you're actively looking for a striking headboard to enhance your bed's style, our Hypnos headboard collection is sure to feature something for you. 

Hypnos headboard sizes

Our headboards are available in small single, single, small double, double, king size and super king size. So regardless of your bed size, Mattressman features your ideal Hypnos headboard.

Aside from style, what does a headboard offer?

It's well documented that headboards enhance bedroom décor and are renowned for their stylistic appeal; however, there are many benefits that accompany headboards.

Keeps your pillows secure

Sure, it may sound trivial, but waking up in the morning to find that your headboards have fallen onto the floor can be rather irritating. A headboard prevents this by providing a barrier between the end of the bed and the floor.

Neck and back support

Consider the hours you've spent sat upright in bed eating breakfast, watching television and everything else. With this in mind, an upholstered headboard provides cushioned support to the neck and back.

Wall protection

If the bed is placed against a wall, a headboard can separate contact between the bed and the wall and prevent minor damage.

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