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Who are Jay-Be?

Combining innovativity and environmentally friendly sleeping solutions with superb comfort and support, Jay-Be and its wonderful mattress range ticks every box. Founded in Yorkshire, Jay-Be has evolved into one of the UK's most popular bed brands.


Jay-Be is a brand with one eye on the future and is passionate about the environment and preserving planet Earth. For instance, their award-winning advance e-Fibre™, compared to cotton, results in 90% reduced CO2 emissions, requires 99% less water and occupies 99% reduced land space. Jay-Be's proactive environmental stance has proven a major success as they have actively prevented more than 90 million plastic bottles from reaching landfills.

What types of mattresses does our range feature?

Open coil

Despite open coil mattresses featuring at the cheaper end of the scale, they offer fantastic comfort and support. These mattresses comprise a robust steel coil that's wound into springs to form the mattress's core. Open coil structures are particularly popular among firm mattresses as they offer the rigid and strong support required from any firm or extra firm mattress.

Pocket sprung

A key indicator of a luxurious mattress is the inclusion of pocket springs. These springs form the mattress's core; each spring is enclosed within a fabric sleeve and reacts independently to any movements to apply targeted support and relieve pressure.

The other noticeable benefit of pocket springs is their motion isolation properties. Motion isolation ensures that any movements elsewhere in bed throughout the night won't disturb your night's sleep.

Memory foam alternative

As memory foam is often associated with VOC emissions and similar health risks, Jay-Be has created an innovative memory foam alternative. The rebound layer moulds to the contours of the body, whereas the high-density base e-Fibre layer ensures unparalleled support.

What sizes of Jay-Be do we stock?

With JAY-BE's focus on producing mattresses for children and adults, it's no surprise that they manufacture almost every standard size of bed: small single (75 x 190cm), single (90 x 190cm), small double (120 x 190cm), double (135 x 190cm), and king size mattresses (150 x 200cm).

Other products from Jay-Be

Folding beds

Do you have guests around to stay often? JAY-BE's collection of folding guest beds can be right up your alley, providing a simple solution for your overnight guests to stay. The swish functions to fold away and wheel off are perfect for the ultra-convenience aspect of guest beds. What's more, the comfort provided with each folding bed is unparalleled, utilising mattresses that are unheard of across folding guest beds.

Sofa beds

Lastly, JAY-BE has created sofa beds for an alternative place to have your guests stay over. Multi-functional, you can chill out on the sofa by day and have your friends and family stay on it by night. Their luxurious sofa beds go above and beyond to bring quality furnishings to your home.

Take a look at our Jay-Be children's mattresses

To ensure your child receives a comfortable and healthy night's sleep, it's important their mattress supports growing bones and promotes a good posture. If you're on the lookout for a new mattress for your little one, Jay-Be's innovative range is perfect. With fantastic inclusions such as foam-free layers, waterproof covers, and so much more, our collection is tailored towards a better night's sleep for your little one.

Why shop with Mattressman?

Free delivery

With not only affordable prices but free-next-working day delivery on all of our in-stock mattresses (08.00 am - 06.00 pm), we have your mattress needs covered.

60 night-sleep trial

For peace of mind, any mattress purchased alongside a mattress protector is eligible for our 60-night sleep trial.

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