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Claims to fame

It's a testament to the quality and longevity of Dunlopillo that within the early 20th century, Dunlopillo was the first of its kind to be used to pad seats in public trams, trains and trolleybuses; moreover, the aircraft industry welcomed latex foam to pad cockpits and seats as well. The illustrious years of Dunlopillo, spanning the 1950s to 1970s, saw Dunlopillo's latex used to make seats for Sir Donald (Malcolm) Campbell's record-breaking water speed craft, Bluebird and the UK's Houses of Parliament.

What are latex mattresses?

Latex is a natural fibre derivative from the sap of rubber trees. Initially, latex appears as a white, liquid sap before being processed and utilised for mattresses. The latex liquid is complimented by a few materials and consequently shaped into a mould to produce a comfortable block forming the base of the mattress. Latex naturally contains anti-allergenic, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties and is ideal for allergy and hay-fever sufferers as latex wicks away moisture to prevent dust mites and bacteria; consider a Dunlopillo mattress with hypoallergenic properties for a restful and uninterrupted night's sleep.

Moreover, Dunlopillo explains how latex rubber trees purify over 90 million tons of carbon dioxide a year, with all of their natural latex sourced from sustainably managed plantations. Aside from a luxurious and premium mattress, Dunlopillo latex foam mattresses represent an environmentally friendly sleeping solution.

What is the difference between latex mattresses and memory foam mattresses?

Similarities are often drawn between memory foam and latex mattresses due to the foam composition within both mattress types; however, both mattresses feature different properties and benefits. Continue reading to discover the suitability of a latex Dunlopillo mattress for your bed.


Whereas a memory foam mattress provides tailored support to the body's contour, a latex mattress is considered a 'bouncier' mattress with more responsiveness than memory foam.


For all the body moulding and pressure relief that memory foam is renowned for, memory foam tends to retain heat, deeming it unsuitable for sleepers looking for a cool night's sleep. If you enjoy the premium comfort of foam yet are deterred by the heat retention properties attributed to memory foam, consider a Dunlopillo latex mattress. Latex features thermo-regulating properties, and latex mattresses have an open-cell structure that allows for superb breathability.


Thanks partly to the mattress surface responsiveness, a latex mattress is considered more durable than a memory foam mattress as it reverts to its original shape faster and is, therefore, less likely to sag over time.

What different types of Dunlopillo mattresses does Mattressman feature?

Hybrid or latex core

A hybrid Dunlopillo mattress incorporates a pocket sprung base working with the comforting foam to provide tailored support with each spring adapting to the body's contours. In contrast, mattresses with latex cores are ideal for foam enthusiasts; these Dunlopillo mattresses solely consist of latex foam for incredible comfort and luxury. Mattresses featuring a latex core have proven incredibly popular in recent years, most notably with the Orchid mattress awarded the Which? Best Buy in January 2018 showcasing the mattresses quality.

What are the different mattress tensions of Dunlopillo mattresses?


A soft mattress is designed for side sleepers of a lighter stature; the soft mattress surface can cushion the hip and shoulder. However, it's worth noting that side sleepers of a heavier build are perhaps better suited to a medium or medium firm Dunlopillo mattress to avoid the risk of their body sinking into the mattress.


A medium mattress, similar to a mattress with soft tension, is ideally suited to side sleepers.

Medium firm

A medium firm mattress is often described as an 'all-rounder' such is its versatility to support various sleeping positions; the medium firm tension is soft enough to support side sleepers whilst also adequately supporting the lower back and spine for front and back sleeping.


Firm Dunlopillo mattresses are designed and manufactured solely for front and back sleepers, with the firm tension promoting healthy spinal alignment. In addition, a firm mattress evenly distributes body weight and provides superb pressure relief.

What are the different sizes of Dunlopillo mattresses?

Our Dunlopillo range features various mattress sizes: small single, single, small double, double, king size and super king mattresses form our collection ensuring there's a mattress to fit your bed frame.

What other products does Dunlopillo feature?

Alongside their luxurious mattresses, Dunlopillo features a signature range of fantastic bedroom furnishings, such as a variety of pillows, headboards, adjustable beds, bases and fabrics. So rejuvenate your nighttime and consider a latex pillow or Dunlopillo base to compliment your latex mattress.

Shopping with Mattressman

With a commitment to affordability and quality, you can rely on our superb range of Dunlopillo mattresses. Additionally, our entire Dunlopillo mattress collection qualifies for free next-working-day delivery (08.00 am - 06.00 pm), provided it's in stock and ordered before 4 pm.

60- night sleep trial

We know it's not always easy settling on the perfect mattress, with so many tensions and compositions to choose from it can prove challenging. With this in mind, all of our Dunlopillo mattresses qualify for our 60-night sleep trial when purchased alongside a mattress protector. 

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