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What range of Heartland Furniture stock does Mattressman feature?

Here at Mattressman, we feature an extensive range of beds, from kid's to adult beds, and a stylish array of headboards. So regardless of your style and preferences, Heartland features your perfect bed. Continue reading to gain further insight into our range of Heartland Furniture beds and their features.

Kids' Beds

There is no right or wrong option when considering a child's bed. It's simply a case of tailoring the bed to your little one's requirements and bedroom. Consider the size of the bedroom, whether you have children who share a bedroom and the aesthetics of the room, among other factors, to evaluate the suitability of the bed. 

Themed and novelty beds

Heartlands Furniture manages to blur the lines between practicality and enjoyment, cultivating a bed as a play area. The obvious advantage of these Heartlands beds is that they encourage a reasonable bedtime. With fun and inventive designs consisting of a pirate ship or racecar, allow your little one to vicariously live out their wildest dreams from the safety and comfort of their bedroom. 

Standard bunk beds

Perhaps the most common variation of a children's bed, bunk beds are a convenient sleeping solution for a pair of siblings who share a bedroom. A standard bunk bed resembles the width of a single bed yet accommodates two sleepers indicating the space-saving properties of the bed frame. Constructed from solid and durable pinewood, painted or in its natural form, a Heartlands Bunk bed is robust and designed to stand the test of time. Search our beautiful range of Heartlands Furniture kid's beds and reimagine your children's bedroom. 

Triple sleeper bunk beds

A triple sleeper is a variation on the standard bunk bed with a double bed forming the base of a bed frame as opposed to a single bunk; therefore, the bottom bunk can accommodate two sleepers, with the top bunk sleeping one child. Alternatively, a triple sleeper represents a viable option for a pair of siblings, with the older child enjoying the luxury of a double bed to themselves.

Mid sleeper beds

A mid sleeper with its elevated sleeping surface resembles a similar structure to a bunk bed; however, in place of the bottom bunk, a mid sleeper features integrated storage in the form of shelves, drawers and cupboards. As a result, a mid-sleeper bed is ideal for a smaller bedroom, with the convenient storage facilities paving the way for a minimalist bedroom.

Single beds

Our Heartland's single Captains Unit children's bed features an understated elegance with its beautiful pinewood finish. The Captains Unit bed represent a durable bed seamlessly fitting into various aesthetics.

Bed Frames


A wooden bed frame represents a timeless and classic structure renowned for its robustness and durability. If you're interested in adding character and elegance to your bedroom, view our stunning range of wooden beds.


Sleek and stylish, a metal bed perfectly suits contemporary bedrooms to elevate and enhance the room's interior.


A fabric upholstered bed exudes elegance and warmth in addition to the soft-to-the-touch feel, ensuring a cosy and intimate sleeping experience.


Heartlands Furniture Ottoman Beds blur the lines between practicality and style; integrated storage in deep, ample underneath drawers complements the bed frame's elegance and luxury.

Faux Leather

If you enjoy the premium benefits of leather but are deterred by the price, consider a bed upholstered in glorious and durable faux leather.

Guest Beds

Folding Beds

Our practical and comfortable folding guest beds are sure to spell the end of your overnight guests sleeping on sofas. A folding bed consists of a mattress and a frame; the bed frame collapses into a smaller shape, allowing it to be stored away easily when not in use. Both practical and comfortable at a price reflecting great value for money, a folding bed is the perfect sleeping solution for your overnight guests.

What sizes of heartland beds does Matttressman feature?

Our Heartland bed range includes; single, small double, double, king size and super king beds.

What other Heartland Furniture products does Mattressman feature?

Going above and beyond for the customer, Mattressman features an extensive range of stylish and durable headboards in various colours and materials to complement your bed.

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