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Experienced buying team

LPD Furniture prides itself on its experienced buying team, aiming to source premium products at an affordable cost. Renowned for their experience and lofty status as market leaders with great industry knowledge, LPD Furniture is a brand to be admired.

A wide array of products within the furniture industry

Such is their passion and enthusiasm for decor and furniture; LPD Furniture has a wide range of furniture products, all of which have the potential to rejuvenate your living space. Read below for all the latest information regarding LPD products and what LPD Furniture items Mattressman features.

Kids' Beds

Cabin beds

A cabin bed is ideal for your little one; placed low to the ground to ensure optimal safety, you can sleep easy at night knowing your little one's sleep is taken care of. Moreover, the integrated storage in the form of drawers provides a fantastic space saving solution. Our LPD Furniture cabin beds are stylish and practical, able to fit seamlessly into any children's bedroom.

Mid sleepers

Our LPD Furniture mid sleeper bed frame resembles the form of a bunk bed, but in place of the bottom bunk, there are three storage drawers and a pull-out section. The mid sleeper is sure to add the wow factor to your child's room, with a distinct and vintage wood effect with black metal detail.

Traditional bunk beds

Ideal for a pair of siblings sharing a room, our LPD Furniture bunk beds are durable and designed for their longevity. With a range of elegant designs and styles, an LPD Furniture bunk bed is a wise investment.

Triple sleepers

A triple sleeper is similar to a standard bunk bed with one noticeable difference; a triple sleeper sleeps a trio of siblings. The bottom bunk takes the form of a double bed and sleeps two children, with the top bunk accommodating a single child. A triple sleeper represents a space saving solution and fantastic value for money.

Bookcase and shelving beds

Ideal for encouraging your child to read and promoting literature, our beds with integrated bookcases can showcase your child's favourite books proudly.

Themed and Novelty beds

LPD Furniture has thought outside the box with its fun and quirky themed beds. This collection takes on the shape or subject of an object that isn't usually associated with a bed; thus, these beds are twofold, representing a play area and somewhere to sleep. 

Bed Frames

Our LPD Furniture beds showcase various styles, colours and materials, ensuring you'll be spoilt for choice.

Fabric Beds

Our LPD Furniture fabric bed frames are upholstered in plush, soft-to-the-touch fabric and allow for an intimate and cosy sleeping experience, simultaneously contributing towards a glamorous aesthetic.

Ottoman Beds

Ottoman beds include integrated storage systems, lifting the base through hydraulics to reveal storage space underneath. If you're looking for a stylish and practical bed in equal measure, then browse our range of LPD Furniture Ottoman beds.

Metal beds

Due to its style and durability, a metal bed frame has become a mainstay in contemporary bedrooms. Moreover, a metal bed frame is a low-maintenance option due to its easiness of cleaning.

Faux leather Beds

A bed upholstered in faux leather is a fantastic budget-friendly alternative to a leather bed whilst not compromising its quality and durability. For a bed that possesses elegance and glamour at a price that reflects excellent value for money, consider a faux leather bed from LPD Furniture.

Wooden beds

Our LPD wooden beds have the potential to rejuvenate your bedroom such is the elegance and glamour they possess. Constructed from oak and with a choice of natural or painted wood, our wooden beds are a luxurious option.

TV beds

Technological advancements evolved rapidly as the country edged closer to the twenty-first century. As a result, households started to acquire more televisions for their homes, and instead of a single tv in the living room, televisions began to pop up in kitchens and bedrooms. LPD Furniture has recognised a predominant shift from bedtime reading to bedtime watching and had the foresight to create a bed frame with the capacity to support a television unit. LPD's range of TV beds with sleek and stylish designs reimagine the concept of a bed.

Sofa Beds

Capable of taking on the form of either a sofa or a bed, Sofa beds are renowned for their versatility. Sofa beds are ideal for guest bedrooms or smaller living spaces that can't accommodate a separate bed and sofa.

Guest Beds

Provide your overnight guests with a luxurious and supportive night's rest from any of our LPD Furniture guest beds.

Bedroom furniture

LPD Furniture has your bedroom essentials covered, with a wide array of accessories available; you'll be spoilt for choice. Read below for an insight into some of LPD's most popular bedroom accessories.

Bedroom Sets

Allow for a consistent and cohesive aesthetic in your bedroom with our stylish and practical bedroom sets, consisting of a wardrobe, three-drawer chest and bedside chest.

Bedside Chests

Conveniently store your bedtime essentials at an arm's throw away with a glamorous bedside chest from LPD Furniture.

Living Room Furniture

LPD's extensive range of living room furniture is truly remarkable and reinforces its status as a market leader within the furniture industry. From stylish and durable drawer chests to coffee tables and lamp tables that promise to add character and vibrancy to your living space and much more, browse our LPD Furniture living room furniture range.

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