What is the importance of a dog bed?

There's no getting away from the fact that pet beds are integral to any household that features a furry friend. A dog bed ensures your dog has a recognisable and easily accessible place to unwind and rest instead of spending significant time on your bed or sofa. A pet bed can be seen as an additional seating option for your dog, allowing your pet to reap the benefits of a sofa or chair in the same way that a human would. After all, a dog is a valuable member of any family.

Is a large dog bed suitable for my dog?

As the name suggests, a large dog bed is best suited for large dogs. However, we're on the same page as you and realise that the term 'large dogs' is open for interpretation, and with this in mind, the dimensions of our beds for large dogs can be found under our product descriptions.

Do we feature extra large dog beds?

Whilst we don't feature extra large dog beds, you can determine whether any of our large dog beds will be a perfect match for your dog by looking at the bed’s dimensions listed under the product descriptions.

What types of large dog beds do we feature?

Mattress or pad beds

You may find that your pooch likes to stretch or sleep across the entire surface of their bed. A mattress or pad bed could represent the ideal acquisition if this applies to your pet.

Box or bolster beds

Dog beds come in various shapes, such as a box bed resembling a square structure. These beds provide a padded border for optimal support and resemble an incredibly cosy sleeping solution for your pooch.

What features does our collection consist of?

Machine washable

You'll never be more grateful that your dog bed is machine washable than when your dog returns from a muddy walk and makes a beeline for their bed. Our machine-washable dog beds ensure it's incredibly easy to preserve the pristine quality of your dog's bed.

Anti-slip base

For the times that your dog can't contain their excitement and gains an abundance of energy, the anti-slip base that features on the majority of our dog beds ensures the bed will remain firmly in place.

Recycled materials

A better night's sleep for your pet can be achieved at a cost that is kind to the planet, thanks to Scruffs' Eco Range, made from 100% recycled materials such as re-engineered polyethylene terephthalate (PET).

Memory foam filling

The comfort and support of memory foam aren't restricted to humans; instead, our memory foam dog beds can help to alleviate any aches and pains.

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