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What is a pad dog bed?

A pad dog bed is similar to any other dog bed except for the absence of wall support. Instead, pad dog beds take on the visual form of a mat or layers of blankets and are essentially the equivalent of what a mattress is to a human.

Why should I consider a pad dog bed?

In the absence of a raised border, a pad dog bed appears minimalist and is incredibly easy to store away when necessary. Moreover, the expansive, comfy surface area ensures that your dog will have all the room they desire to relax in and a comfortable place to sleep.

Is a pad dog bed from Mattressman suitable for all dogs?

Finding the ideal dog bed for your pooch can often be frustrating, with your preferred choice being the wrong size to accommodate your pet. Our pad dog bed collection features medium and large sizes, ensuring compatibility for many dogs. A pad dog bed even represents a viable option for your puppy and means your dog's bed will remain useful even as they grow. For further information regarding the dimensions of our dog beds, view our product descriptions.

Does Mattressman's pad pet bed collection include memory foam beds?

Whilst our pad dog bed range doesn't include a memory foam option, consider our Scruffs Chateau Box Bed for a warm sleeping solution that provides tailored and targeted support to your dog's joints.

What materials are Mattressman's pad dog beds made from?

Our upholstery options include faux fur, suede and tweed fabric comprising the dog bed's exterior, with the dog bed's fillings consisting of sumptuous, soft fabric and polyester.

How can I keep my pad dog bed clean?

Our entire pad bed collection is machine-washable, ensuring maximum durability and longevity. A machine-washable dog bed is especially useful in the winter when the chances of your dog returning from a muddy walk are increasingly likely.

Does this collection feature dog beds with anti-slip bases?

Here at Mattressman, we are aware of the excitement and endearing bursts of energy that overcome dogs from time to time. We, therefore, include a range of dog mattresses with anti-slip bases; this feature ensures the dog bed will remain in place even if your dog finds itself racing around the borders of its bed.

What colours does the collection consist of?

Tailor your dog bed to your preferred style with a range of colour options consisting of brown, grey and pink.

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