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What is a box dog bed?

This type of dog bed is renowned for its high quality and is categorised by its square shape. In addition, our range features luxuriously soft upholstery to ensure optimal comfort for your pet and ensure their bed will be their favourite place to relax.

Is there any difference between a box and a bolster dog bed?

A box and a bolster bed refer to the same dog bed, the only difference being their name.

What size dog is suitable for our collection of box beds?

It's important to consider the dog bed size and whether it's appropriate for your living space and your pet; for example, a Bernese mountain dog will often require a different bed than a golden retriever puppy. However, the advantage of Mattressman's range of box dog beds is that they feature small, medium, large and extra-large dog bed sizes. Our small box dog beds measure 50cm in width and 40cm in length and are considered the best dog bed for toy breeds, which weigh 15 pounds or less when fully grown. A small box bed can also be utilised as a puppy bed. Moreover, our medium sizes measure 60cm in width and 50cm in length, and the large sizes feature a 75cm width and 60cm length. In contrast, our extra-large dog beds measure 90cm in width and 70cm in length. For further information regarding specific box beds, view our product descriptions.

Our favourite box dog bed features

Anti-slip base

So often, in anticipation of a walk, a dog's excitement cannot be contained, resulting in them scurrying around their dog bed. With this in mind, a collection of our dog beds feature anti-slip bases to ensure your dog bed remains firmly in place.

100% recyclable

Our eco-friendly dog beds are constructed from 100% recyclable materials ensuring your new dog bed is as environmentally friendly as it is comfortable.

Luxury upholstery

Our entire box bed range is upholstered in soft-to-the-touch, luxurious materials culminating in incredibly comfortable and supportive rest areas for your dog.

Machine washable covers

Our entire range of bolster dog beds features machine-washable covers to avoid having to purchase replacement covers and ensure your dog's bed remains fresh all year round. Please avoid washing the inner cushion filling, as this could compromise the overall support and longevity of the dog bed.

Consider a memory foam dog bed

A memory foam dog bed is similar to a memory foam mattress in the sense that both sleeping solutions provide tailored and targeted support. Our memory foam dog bed features a dense memory foam crumb filling and is ideally suited for dogs that suffer from arthritis or require greater support to their joints. In addition to joint support, our box beds perfectly support the dog's spine. The memory foam base texture adapts to the dog's body and provides the comfort and support that your dog deserves. Memory foam is renowned for its heat retention and ensures your dog remains warm even during those chilly winter months; in fact, our memory foam dog bed is so comfortable that your dog will feel like they are lying on a sumptuous mattress cover. It's worth noting that a memory foam dog bed may be unsuitable if you'd like to purchase a bed that keeps your dog cool. Our memory foam bed is available in a medium or extra-large size. 

What box dog brands does the Mattressman collection feature?

Here at Mattressman, we know how important the quality of your dog bed is. With this in mind, our box dog bed range solely consists of Scruffs, a company recognised for its quality dog beds.

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