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What Jay-Be products does Mattressman feature?

Children's mattresses

A good night's sleep influences a child's physical and mental development; not only does a good night's sleep allow your little one to dream big, but it also improves attention, behaviour, learning, memory, and overall mental and physical health. So provide your child with a comfortable mattress and ensure the perfect rest. Our mattresses range from Jay-Be toddler mattresses to CoreKids, SimplyKids and Quest mattresses. The majority of our children's mattresses feature a medium tension offering great levels of comfort and support, paving the way for a healthy night's sleep. A whole host of benefits accompany Jay-Be children's mattresses; continue reading to learn some of their key features.

Temperature regulating properties

Jay-Be kids' mattresses feature breathable layers to regulate temperature and wick away moisture to ensure a clean, dry and overall healthy night's sleep.

Foam free

Many memory foam mattresses undergo chemical processes to achieve their body moulding status; many substances used to make memory foam are derived from petroleum. With the concern of toxic compounds emanating from memory foam mattresses, Jay-Be's kids' mattresses are completely void of harmful chemicals.

Waterproof covers

The Jay-Be Toddler Waterproof Anti-Microbial Foam Free Sprung mattress features a waterproof cover to combat bedtime accidents with the waterproof fabric technology protecting the sumptuous fillings.


A variety of our kid's mattresses are delivered vacuum-packed at a fraction of their original size to ensure easy manoeuvre; unroll the mattress and leave it for around eight hours before your child sleeps on it.


Jay-Be mattresses are designed and manufactured to ensure the best sleep possible at prices that reflect superb value for money. Read on to gain further insight into our range of Jay-Be mattresses designed for teenagers and adults.

Open coil

Open coil mattresses are constructed from a steel wire wound into springs; they are considered budget options due to their inexpensive manufacturing costs. However, the quality of open coil mattresses remains uncompromised, with an open coil base providing a reassuringly even sleeping surface. For a comfortable mattress at an affordable price point, look no further than our wonderful open-coil collection.


Orthopaedic mattresses suit sleepers experiencing aches and pains as the mattress's firmness helps to provide an orthopaedic sleeping solution.

Memory foam

Memory foam provides tailored support, moulding to the body's contours and relieving pressure. 


Hybrid mattresses combine foam layers with pocket sprung or open coil bases for the sleeper to reap the benefits of the supportive coil or spring base and the sumptuous comfort of memory foam. 

Fibre fillings

A mattress consisting of synthetic fibres such as polyester is considered a fibre filling; they are hypoallergenic and ideal for allergy sufferers. 

Jay-Be mattress tensions


A medium tension mattress is best suited for side sleepers, with the mattress surface able to cushion the hip and shoulder whilst sleeping in this position.

Medium firm

Medium firm mattresses are often referred to as an 'all-rounder' as they're renowned for their ability to accommodate side sleepers in addition to front and back sleepers. The medium firm tension isn't too firm as to cause improper spinal alignment whilst side sleeping yet possesses an adequate firmness to support front and back sleepers.


A firm mattress is designed for front and back sleepers; the firm tension can superbly support the spine and lower back whilst sleeping on the front or back.

What sizes of Jay-Be mattresses does Mattressman feature?

Our Jay-Be mattress range includes a small single (75 x 190cm), single (90 x 190cm), small double (120 x 190cm), double (135 x 190cm), and king size mattresses (150 x 200cm) remaining consistent in their pledge to accommodate both children and adults.

Jay-Be beds

As alluded to earlier, Jay-Be accommodates overnight guests with an array of folding guest beds consisting of a sturdy, convenient folding bed frame and a comfortable mattress and sofa beds that function as furniture and temporary beds. So, whether it's a premium sofa bed or an incredibly convenient folding bed, enhance your overnight guest's sleep with any of our Jay-Be beds.

Folding guest beds

For any household that accommodates overnight guests, guest beds are essential for any spare room. A folding bed represents the ideal sleeping solution for your guests; the beauty of a folding bed is its low maintenance. A folding bed is easy to assemble and disassemble with a lightweight structure and allows for a minimalist room as the bed needn't be on display at all times.

Sofa beds

As mentioned earlier, a sofa bed is multi-purpose and functions as a piece of furniture and a bed for overnight guests. Comfortable and stylish, enhance your spare room with a premium sofa bed from Jay-Be.


More so now than ever, preserving our planet is essential; with this in mind, Jay-Be is an FSC-accredited firm. Therefore, you can take comfort in knowing that all the wood used in Jay-Be products is ethically harvested.

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