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What makes this collection suitable for children?

Mattress tensions

Every mattress in our collection either features a medium or medium firm tension and is ideally suited for children. These tensions are designed for side sleepers of a lighter stature, such as children. They provide cushioned hip and shoulder support whilst sleeping on the side, simultaneously ensuring evenly distributed posture support. It's worth noting that a mattress featuring a medium firmness spring unit can also accommodate front and back sleeping for anyone of a slight stature.

Foam free

Memory foam provides sumptuous body-moulding support and comfort; however, the material is associated with VOC emissions and harmful chemicals. Jay-Be recognises this and has instead created a range of foam-free mattresses. These mattresses consist of innovative layers offering similar support and comfort to memory foam while ensuring a healthier sleeping environment. The breathable comfort layers feature open cell structures to provide superb comfort and support, as well as helping to regulate temperature, meaning your little one won't feel too hot or cold during the night.


Our Jay-Be Simply Kids collection features waterproof technology to combat spillages or bedtime accidents. The waterproof fabric not only protects the fillings but it's also straightforward to clean.

Anti-allergy properties

A range of mattresses feature a Purotex-treated layer, which helps to combat the presence of dust mites.

Ideal for bunk beds

Our user-friendly website allows you to apply filters and search for bunk bed safe mattresses. Alternatively, view our product descriptions for further information regarding the suitability of a specific mattress for a bunk bed.

Mattress compositions

Open coil

Despite being regarded as a 'budget-friendly' option, you can rely on an open coil mattress for a reassuringly even sleep surface and substantial support that paves the way for a comfortable night's rest.

Pocket springs

Our foam-free sprung mattress collection is sure to provide an enhanced night's rest for your child at an affordable price. These mattresses feature a series of springs that are all individually enclosed within fabric pockets and react individually to movements to offer fantastic pressure relief and tailored support. As you'd expect from any quality sleeping solution, pocket springs ensure evenly distributed support, helping to promote a healthy posture.

Why we love this collection

Environmentally friendly

A cornerstone of Jay-Be's model and strategy is their commitment to preserving planet Earth. Jay-Be can be relied upon for an environmentally friendly mattress. Their commitment is demonstrated through the use of recycled plastic bottles to construct many of their mattresses and award-winning advance e-Fibre™ comfort layers, resulting in 90% reduced CO2 emissions.

Vacuum packed

It's no secret that mattresses are often challenging to manoeuvre, especially if you have to deal with awkward hallways or sets of stairs. With this in mind, you'll be pleased to know that our entire Jay-Be range features rolled mattresses delivered at a fraction of the mattress's size.

5-year guarantee

Such is the quality of Jay-Be's range; every one of their mattresses features a five-year manufacturer's guarantee for peace of mind. For a good night's sleep your little one can rely on every night, look no further than Jay-Be.

Edge-to-edge comfort layers

Courtesy of edge-to-edge support, your little one can maximise their sleeping area and utilise the mattress's entire surface.

Mattress handles

For complete convenience, the majority of our range features mattresses with handles; simply rotate regularly to ensure greater durability and longevity.

Shopping with Mattressman

Free and fast delivery

It isn't just the affordable price points we pride ourselves on; any in-stock mattress qualifies for free-next-working-day delivery (08.000 am - 06.00 pm) anywhere in the UK mainland.

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