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Who are Jay-Be?

Pioneers of environmentally friendly sleeping solutions, Jay-Be seek to provide sleepers nationwide with a better night's rest that doesn't cost the earth. With an emphasis on recycled plastic materials across their adult's, children's and guest bed range, Jay-Be's environmental stance is hugely impressive.

What is the appeal of a folding bed?

A space-saving solution

As alluded to above, folding beds actively save space. A lightweight and portable bed is particularly useful in guest rooms. As these rooms aren't always occupied, there's not always a need for the bed to permanently be on display and occupy space that could be put to better use when the room isn't in use. A folding bed can seamlessly fold into a smaller and more compact shape and be stored away with ease. We often find folding beds are purchased for camping trips; they provide a comfier alternative to sleeping bags and are easy to transport.

Value for money

Most folding beds, including our entire range of Jay-Be guest beds, incorporate a mattress and frame into their design, alleviating the need to make two purchases. For a great value folding bed that promises durability, comfort and support, you can rely on Jay-Be.

Why we love this collection

Fantastic comfort and support

You'd be forgiven for associating a folding bed with a substandard night's sleep; after all, these sleeping solutions are designed to be makeshift and temporary. However, Jay-Be beds are centred around providing a comfortable night's sleep. With this in mind, Jay-Be incorporates specially engineered fibres into their mattresses. This results in compositions you'd expect to find in premium mattresses, such as memory e fibre layers and pocket springs. For instance, the rebound e-fibre mattress provides sumptuous body-moulding support courtesy of comfort layers created by bonding specially engineered fibres. Similarly, the pocket sprung folding beds react to individual body movements to apply targeted pressure relief and support the entire body.

Waterproof properties

Particularly useful for camping trips where there's likely to be exposure to rainfall, Jay-Be's waterproof folding bed is an excellent choice.

What sizes are included in our collection?

In addition to small single, single and small double sizes, we also offer a range of custom sizes on certain folding beds.

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