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Renowned as an industry giant

Many awards and industry recognition reinforce Hypnos' stature as an industry giant. Hypnos received a prodigious Royal Warrant from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, reinforcing Hypnos' reputation for service excellence and the best of British quality. This prodigious award proceeded the Queen's Award for Enterprise for International Trade in 2017 and Sustainable Development in 2020. Furthermore, Hypnos is proud to be the only bed manufacturer to have won the National Bed Federation's "Bed Manufacturer of the Year" three times, in 2011/12, 2014/15 and 2017/18.

Sustainable approach

A sustainable and environmentally conscious approach is more critical today than ever for businesses, and Hypnos' commitment to the planet is showcased within its business model. Hypnos are pioneers in sustainable and ethical bed making who believe luxurious beds and mattresses shouldn't cost the Earth. 

Eden Project partnership

Hypnos' partnership with the Eden Project showcases their environmental and social commitment to building relationships between people and the natural world. Hypnos works closely with the Eden Project to help educate their employees, retailers, and all our customers on the importance of caring for the environment. Moreover, a proportion of the sale of each mattress from Hypnos' Origins Organic Collection will be donated to the Eden Project to help combat the climate crisis.

Red tractor assured

Hypnos has partnered with Red Tractor Food and Farming standards in an industry first that has seen the brand create the Origins Collection. This range of Hypnos mattresses uses responsibly sourced materials, including 100% British wool that is traceable to Red Tractor assured farms. Therefore, you can sleep at night knowing your mattress features natural and sustainable materials.

Hypnos Mattresses

There are a whole host of factors to consider when choosing a new mattress; after taking into account your sleeping position, whether or not you suffer from back pain, your stature and what size mattress you require, you can be forgiven for feeling a tad overwhelmed. If you've found your perfect bed, it makes sense to compliment the frame with a luxurious Hypnos mattress. To ensure a rejuvenating night's sleep, search our extensive range of Hypnos mattresses and gain insight into their compatibility with your sleeping requirements and the benefits and features of Hypnos mattresses.

What are the different types of Hypnos mattresses?

Hypnos' range of mattresses is available in various styles and features; with such a wide array of choices of Hypnos mattresses, you'll be sure to experience a fantastic night's sleep.

Pocket Sprung

Hypnos' pocket sprung mattresses are tailored to your body movements for targeted support. The pocket springs are enclosed in sleeves and work independently from one another to respond to pressure applied to the different areas of the mattress. Pocket springs are particularly beneficial for those who share a bed. Due to the motion isolation resulting from the pocket springs, you won't be able to feel the other person's movements, thus ensuring you sleep soundly throughout the night. If it's time to upgrade your mattress, opting for a Hypnos pocket sprung mattress may be worthwhile for a superior quality night's sleep.


Latex mattresses are produced using natural materials from rubber trees and consequently represent an environmentally friendly and sustainable mattress. Latex mattresses are synonymous with memory foam; a Hypnos latex mattress's elastic properties instantly respond to your weight, shape and movements and provide fantastic pressure relief in a similar fashion to memory foam. Such is the tailored support that a Hypnos mattress offers; an excellent night's sleep is guaranteed.

Natural fillings

One of the most popular and sought-after Hypnos collections is their range of mattresses with luxurious natural fillings that epitomise comfort and provide the basis for a bed high in quality. So, consider a Hypnos mattress for an unrivalled and premium night's sleep.


Our range of Hypnos mattresses comprised of natural fillings is compact and dense, layered to the brim with soft and sumptuous British wool. Wool naturally regulates moisture and makes way for a peaceful, cool and rejuvenating night's sleep.


Hypnos mattresses with cotton fillings are ideal for regulating your body temperature; cotton is highly breathable and wicks away moisture for a fresh, dry sleeping surface.

What different sizes of Hypnos mattresses does Mattressman stock? 

Hypnos' mattresses are available in various sizes, ensuring you'll find your perfect mattress in a size that is just right for you.

The small single Hypnos mattresses measure 2'6" wide by 6'3" long, whereas a single mattress is 3'0" wide and 6'3" long. The small double mattresses are 4'0" wide by 6'3" long, with the double mattresses measuring 4'6" wide by 6'3" long. Hypnos king size and king size zip and link mattresses measure 5'0" wide by 6'6" long, in contrast to their super king size beds and super king zip and link mattresses that measure 6'0" wide by 6'6" long.

What are zip and link mattresses?

Zip and link Hypnos mattresses comprise two single mattresses that join together to form either a super-king or large king size mattress.

What size mattress should I opt for?

If you're purchasing a new mattress and bed frame, it's important to take a few considerations into account. The size of your bedroom will go a long way to determining what size mattress you opt for, as will whether your priorities a larger mattress over greater floor space or vice versa. For rooms with limited space, either a small double or double Hypnos mattress will likely be the best fit. Alternatively, if you're intent on creating a focal point and would like a spacious sleeping surface, consider Hypnos super king mattress from our range. Finnally, if you sleep alone, you may find that our Hypnos single mattress collection features what you're looking for. If you're unsure on whether your new mattress will fit, we recommend measuring your room's available space to gauge a better understanding.

What mattress tension should I opt for with a Hypnos mattress?

When choosing the correct mattress tension, various factors come into play. Ultimately, your mattress needs to support and promote healthy spine alignment. Your stature, sleeping position and whether you suffer from back pains should all influence which mattress you purchase. What's fantastic about our Hypnos range is that many of our mattresses, such as the Hypnos Wool Origins 6 Mattress, is available in different tensions, offering greater flexibility. Whichever option you settle on, we're confident you'll find the best Hypnos mattress for your sleeping requirements.

A Hypnos mattress with soft tension

Our soft Hypnos mattresses are ideal for side sleepers due to the body-moulding surface of the mattress providing cushioning to the hips and shoulders. In addition, Hypnos' soft mattresses ensure healthy spinal alignment whilst sleeping on the side.

A Hypnos mattress with medium tension

As is the case with a soft mattress, a medium mattress is ideally suited to side sleepers as the medium tension is soft enough to cushion hips and shoulders whilst side sleeping.

A Hypnos mattress with medium firm tension

Our medium firm Hypnos mattresses tend to suit people with more prominent statures who sleep on their side or those of a lighter stature who sleep on their front or back.

Side sleepers on a Hypnos medium firm mattress

A medium firm mattress is firm enough to accommodate a sleeper of a heavier build whilst remaining soft enough to cushion the hip and shoulder whilst sleeping on the side.

Front and back sleepers on a Hypnos medium firm mattress

A mattress with a firmer tension is recommended when sleeping on your front or back to sufficiently support your spine. Therefore if you are slight in size, a medium firm mattress is firm enough to support your back and spine appropriately.

A Hypnos mattress with firm tension

A Hypnos mattress with firm tension is recommended for front and back sleepers; the firmness of the mattress ensures your body weight is evenly distributed and provides pressure relief. In addition, a firm Hypnos mattress offers targeted support to keep your spine aligned in a healthy position whilst sleeping. 

View our extensive range of Hypnos products

As Hypnos have evolved over the years and reached lofty heights, their attention has gradually turned to other bedroom accessories in conjunction with their continuous supply of phenomenal mattresses. Hypnos aims not only to produce a perfect mattress but to create a range of bedroom furniture and accessories to ensure you sleep on the perfect Hypnos bed.


Sold independently from a bed, Mattressman features an extensive range of Hypnos headboards tailored to all styles and designs of bed frames. So whether your bed is sleek and contemporary or your bedroom's focal point consists of a traditional and classic bed frame, Mattressman has your bed's perfect Hypnos headboard in stock. If you're actively seeking to create a luxurious bed frame, our collection of headboards is ideal.

Upholstered in fabric

Our Hypnos headboards are upholstered in various colours and padded materials to create a delicate balance between comfort and style.

Hypnos' tall headboards

Hypnos' tall headboards are fantastic at filling the vertical space in tall bedrooms and accompanying space that is otherwise disregarded.

Hypnos' buttoned Headboards

A buttoned headboard is a luxurious, upholstered headboard featuring deep, ample buttoning. A Hypnos buttoned headboard is guaranteed to elevate your bedroom's decor.


Hypnos' range of pillows is comfortable and supportive in equal measure providing the platform for a fantastic night's sleep. To ensure a comfortable bed, complement your Hypnos mattress with one of our wonderful pillows. 

Shopping with Mattressman

Free delivery

Provided it's in stock, your new Hypnos mattress is eligible for free next-day delivery.

60-night sleep trial

We know it can be difficult ordering a mattress online, and with this in mind, any mattress purchased alongside a mattress protector is eligible for a 60-night sleep trial.

Hypnos mattress sale

Keep an eye on our website for the latest deals and find your dream mattress at an unbelievable price. What's more, complement your luxury mattress with one of our Hypnos beds and transform your room with a fantastic divan option.

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