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What mattress sizes do Hypnos beds offer?

Opulent pocket sprung mattresses

Hypnos mattresses offer luxury products and nothing short of that. This is why their range is almost exclusively pocket spring mattresses, providing unparalleled support and comfort for every kind of sleeper. Pocket spring mattresses include springs that move individually, providing tailored support with a mattress surface that moves with the contours of your body as you sleep. These independently moving pocket springs ensure even weight distribution, minimal motion transfer and superior quality. Including support tensions for everyone: soft, medium, medium firm, firmer and extra firm. If you don't know what the right mattress tension is for you, read below to find out what is best suited for your preferred sleeping position.

Luxurious natural fillings

Combined with their supportive pocket spring systems, Hypnos are known for its use of luxurious, natural sustainable materials. Including lambswool, wool, cotton, silk, alpaca wool, cashmere and latex, these natural materials have a variety of benefits from incredible insulation, breathability, moisture-wicking and softness. 
Hypnos is partnered with the Better Cotton Initiative, a global push to improve cotton production for the people who produce it and the environment. The Better Cotton Initiative trains farmers around the world how to use water in the most efficient way, how to care for natural habitats and reduce the use of harmful chemicals. Hypnos beds are committed to sourcing all their cotton through this initiative by 2030.
What's more, Hypnos also work with Red Tractor and their assured farms in order to source British Wool that is completely traceable. These farms ensure that animal welfare is paramount.

Carbon neutral initiative

Hypnos has been carbon neutral for over 10 years, which made them the first bed manufacturer in the world to reach this achievement. They have offset over 9500 tonnes of carbon on their journey and have planted over 5000 trees across UK schools and international rainforests.

Royal warrant

Demonstrating the highest levels of quality, excellence and service, the Royal Warrant is an award issued by the Royal family to tradespeople. The quality of Hypnos' bed-making is truly shown in that they are the only brand to actively provide all of the Royal residences with Hypnos mattresses.

What other benefits are there to Hypnos mattresses?

A Hypnos mattress doesn't entail how a brand typically goes about bed making. Hypnos mattresses tend to include an array of handcrafted properties that ensure paramount quality. For example, hand tufting and side stitching are processes that every Hypnos mattress goes through, ensuring the fillings stay in place and the tension in the mattress is maintained, supplying edge-to-edge support and consistent, even weight distribution. On top of this, many Hypnos mattresses are double-sided which enables you to flip them every few months in order to maintain their longevity. 
Hypnos don't just make mattresses, they also have a stunning collection of headboards. Providing modern designs across their range in stunning upholstery options, you can be sure to find the one to suit you amongst their headboards. What's more, Hypnos has created a sumptuous latex pillow, providing you with the ultimate support for your neck.
When you order an in-stock Hypnos mattress from Mattressman, you can rely on our speedy and free next working day delivery service. Order before 4pm from Monday-Thursday and you can make the most of our next day delivery.

What is the right mattress firmness for me? 

Side sleeper

There are a range of Hypnos mattresses you can opt for if you prefer to sleep on your side. Because your hips and shoulders are under the most pressure on the mattress surface, you need a softer or medium tension to provide cushioning for these areas. In turn, these Hypnos mattresses promote healthy spine alignment and supply a rejuvenating and relaxing night's sleep.

Back or stomach sleeper

For those who prefer to sleep on either their back or stomach, firmer or extra firm Hypnos mattresses can provide the support you need all night long. Extra firm mattresses are best designed for anyone who is affected by back or joint pain or larger statures, as it provides additional firm support in order to combat pain caused by unsupported joints or spine. 

I sleep in all positions

If you can't keep still at night, you can rely on Hypnos mattresses with a medium firm support tension. This is because the support is neither too firm nor too soft to support you when sleeping on your back, stomach or side. Browse the Hypnos collections to find your perfect bed today.