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Silentnight Pocket 1400 Eco Comfort Ortho Mattress

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  • 1400 individually moving pocket springs which allows the mattress to move with the contours of your body and provide ultimate support
  • Increased tension to the springs and fillings is provided through the traditional hand-tufting
  • Easy to care for mattress as it is one sided
With many desirable qualities, the 1400 Eco Comfort Ortho from Silentnight is perfect for those who need or prefer a firmer mattress. Supportive, hypoallergenic and breathable, this mattress is also easy to care for because it’s one sided. Increased tension to the springs and fillings is provided through the traditional hand-tufting. Silentnight give the 1400 Eco Comfort Ortho a 5 year guarantee too which speaks volumes for its quality.

Mirapocket spring system with orthopaedic back care

Similar to a pocket sprung system, Silentnight have created their own system called the Mirapocket. Comprised of 1400 individually moving springs, it allows the mattress to move with the contours of your body and provide ultimate support. Each spring is encased in its own fabric pocket which provides the right tension for this mattress. What makes this different from a normal pocket sprung mattress is that it can deliver targeted support through its individual responsive spring system. This is especially in the areas that need it most such as the spine, neck, shoulders, hips, knees and heels. On top of this you’ll receive support from edge to edge, making this the ideal mattress for anyone who prefers a firmer mattress or requires firm back care.
Pocket 1400  Eco Comfort Ortho

Innovative technology

Silentnight have incorporated very advanced technology into this mattress, starting with the Purotex treated cover. Designed to keep the mattress fresh, it’s resistant to the build up of dust mites as well as reducing excess moisture. Wicking away extra moisture helps keep the mattress fresher and drier at any time of the year. On top of this, the mattress features a breathable border which allows the mattress to release the build up of moisture, providing optimal airflow and breathability. Purotex has been endorsed by Allergy UK, making this natural solution to allergens great for those who have allergies, asthma and eczema.

Pocket 1400  Eco Comfort Ortho

About Silentnight

Silentnight is one of the UK’s most trusted mattress and bed brands, and that’s due to the fact that they put quality and service at the forefront of their work. They have over 70 years in the industry, and an impressive 13 years recognition as a Superbrand. Every Silentnight frame, mattress and headboard are made in the UK and are tested against British and European safety and quality standards.
Pocket 1400  Eco Comfort Ortho

How do I know if I'm suited for a firmer mattress?

Generally, the tensions of mattresses that are geared towards certain kinds of sleepers. If you're a side sleeper or of a light stature, you may find a softer mattress will better support you whilst your sleeping. For those preferred back sleepers, a firmer mattress will provide your lower back with the support that it needs to promote healthy spine alignment. Alongside this, if you're of a larger or heavier stature, a firmer mattress will evenly distribute your weight so you'll wake up feeling fully supported and without aches or pains.

What makes a good firm mattress?

A good quality firm mattress will of course - be firm - however not so firm that it's completely rigid with no give at all. If you're looking for that kind of mattress, look at our extra firm range. Essentially, firm mattresses will have no 'softer' mattress qualities and the tension will remain consistent. If the mattress gets softer or firmer as a result of usage, the mattress may not be good quality. You can trust the Silentnight Eco Comfort 1400, especially because it has a 5 year warranty. This shows that the mattress is designed to stand the test of time!

  • Firmer
  • 1400 Pocket Springs
  • Fibre Fillings
  • Mattress Depth
  • Anti Allergy
  • Hand Tufted
Firmer is the level of support to the body, suitable for average to heavily weighted people. This is not a comfort rating.
1400 Pocket Springs With each individual spring encapsulated in fabric, they move independently for a body moulding, no roll together and quiet night's sleep.
Fibre Fillings Fantastic for hay fever sufferers, white fibre fillings are 100% hypoallergenic polyester that's very durable.
Mattress Depth 25 cm
Anti Allergy recommended, this mattress is suitable for allergy sufferers due to its fillings and fabric.
Hand Tufted buttons evenly over the sleeping surface, keeping the fillings together and adding a tension to the springs.
Looking for a firm pocket sprung mattress? Look no further! This mattress offers a suburb orthopedic support, great for people suffering with back pain.The mattresses Eco Comfort Fibre layer is made from 100% recyclable plastic bottles, is completely foam and FR chemical treatment free and allows natural airflow for a refreshing sleep. An eco-friendly mattress from the UK’s biggest mattress brand.
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