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How do folding beds work?

Folding beds consist of a metal frame and mattress, and as the name suggests, a folding bed collapses into a smaller shape, allowing a person to store the bed away when not in use. Folding beds are often referred to as 'foldaway beds' or simply a 'guest bed'. Some folding beds feature wheels for easy manoeuvre between rooms. 

Are folding beds best designed as guest beds?

A folding bed is often utilised as a guest bed. From a guest's perspective, a folding bed is a comfortable alternative to a sleeping bag, whilst the host can quickly assemble and disassemble the bed when it's not in use, freeing up floor space. If the idea of a portable bed appeals to you, undoubtedly our collection us sure to feature your perfect fold up bed.

For a camping trip

Alternatively, a folding bed is a fantastic investment for avid campers; these space-saving beds won't occupy much space in a car and can easily fit in the boot. A single folding bed is easy to manoeuvre and can seamlessly fit into the compounds of a tent. Remarkably, when a folding bed is stored away, it takes up not much more room than a sleeping bag would.

Why should I purchase a folding bed?

Folding beds ensure a good night's sleep whilst providing a space-saving solution. Moreover, with a guest bed, there isn't the additional expense of purchasing a mattress to accompany your steel frame.

What are the benefits of a fold away bed?

Not only is a folding bed beneficial to easily store away and increase floor space, but our range of foldaway beds also features additional benefits. Despite a lightweight structure, our range is recognised for being incredibly comfy as well as supportive.

Pocket springs

Pocket sprung mattresses consist of individual pocket springs enclosed in sleeves to provide targeted and tailored support to the contours of your body in order to relieve pressure.

Memory foam

A foldaway bed whose mattress features memory foam layers provides a luxurious and premium option for a foldaway bed. Memory foam enhances your night's sleep by adapting to the contours of your body to provide targeted pressure relief.

Knitted cover

Soft-to-the-touch and highly breathable, a knitted cover has the potential to rejuvenate your sleep.


A waterproof foldaway bed is designed to combat any exposure to liquids.

What sizes of folding beds does Mattressman feature?

Our foldable bed range features a small single, a single and a small double bed.

What brands of folding beds are available?

Here at Mattressman, we are conscious of how important a good night's sleep is; therefore, we only stock renowned brands. With this in mind, our fold out bed range consists of JAY_BE and Heartlands Furniture.

Should I buy a sofa bed or a folding bed?

There is no right or wrong answer, and it depends on your requirements. For example, if you're looking for a permanent guest bed that remains in its form and is likely to be utilised as a seating area, then a sofa bed or a day bed is perhaps more suitable than a folding bed. However, one of our fold out beds may be a wiser investment if you're after a sleeping solution that you can easily store away and move from room to room. Specifically, if you're searching for a bed that folds up, a sofa bed is likely to be unsuitable. 

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