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What is a single guest bed?

In theory, any bed that resides in a spare bedroom can be classed as a guest bed. However, the most common variations of guest beds include folding guest beds, trundle beds and air beds, all of which vary in style and design but with the shared aim of delivering your guests a great night's sleep.

What does our collection consist of?

The perfect guest bed places equal emphasis on convenience and style, all of which characterise our great selection of guest beds.

Folding beds

A folding guest bed is ideal if you're not looking for a permanent fixture for your guest bedroom. For occasions where the bed isn't required, the bed easily folds and therefore doesn't take up valuable floor space. The other benefit of a folding bed is that it comes equipped with a mattress; our range of folding beds features innovative features such as pocket springs and anti-allergy properties. So, if you're looking for a new guest bed but are keen for the bed to not always be on display, consider a folding bed.

Stowaway guest beds

A stowaway bed, also referred to as a pull-out bed, features a single bed, otherwise known as a trundle bed, that features underneath the bed frame and is easily accessible at any given time. This type of bed can also be utilised as a children's bed and is ideal for when your little one has a friend staying the night. Please note only a selection of our stowaway beds features pull-out beds included within the purchase; further information can be found in our product descriptions. A pull-out guest bed is ideally suited for spare rooms in which space is limited.

Other guest bed variations

Here at Mattressman, we also feature a range of sofa beds and day beds that resemble blurred lines between a sofa and a bed, thus alluding to the furniture's versatility and multi-functionality. A sofa bed is ideal if you're looking for guest bedroom furniture that can be occupied throughout the day and at night.

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