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What is a guest bed?

In theory, any bed in a spare room can be classified as a guest bed. However, guest beds usually prioritise practicality and convenience; therefore, you'll often see guest beds in the form of sofa beds, pull-out guest beds and trundle beds.

What does our collection comprise?

Folding guest beds

A folding guest bed is one of the most popular guest bed variations as they represent incredibly practical sleeping solutions. As the name suggests, the folding bed frame easily transforms into a smaller and more compact shape, allowing the bed to be easily stored away. Instead of your guest bed always being on display, you can clear valuable floor space knowing that your folding bed frame is within easy reach. In addition, our folding bed collection also includes mattresses, ensuring there isn't the hassle of purchasing a mattress and bed frame separately. From pocket-sprung to memory foam options and more, our folding beds are sure to deliver a great night's sleep for your overnight guests.

Stowaway beds

A stowaway bed, otherwise known as a trundle bed, is essentially a pull-out bed that resides within another bed. Similarly, as with folding beds, trundle beds can easily be removed from display, allowing for greater floor space when the room's beds aren't required. A pull-out guest bed is ideal if you're looking for a practical and comfortable addition to your spare room that isn't a permanent fixture.

Should I opt for a small single bed for my guest bedroom?

The perfect guest bed will cater to the room's most frequent occupants and align with the size of the room. For instance, if it's only one guest that tends to occupy your spare bedroom, you may deem it unnecessary to purchase a double or king size bed. In addition, if you are conscious of the room's available space yet would like to feature two beds, a stowaway bed is ideal as it can be stored within the room's primary bed when not in use. Regardless of which option you choose, your guests can expect a good night's sleep every time they stay.

Is it worth considering an air bed?

Air beds are popular makeshift sleeping solutions and are ideal if you often need to manoeuvre the bed to various locations. As an air bed is small, before reaching its full size, air beds are easily transportable.

However, if you're looking for a sleeping solution to occupy a spare room, our collection is better suited. Our folding and pull-out beds resemble the shape and structure of actual beds and therefore offer a more supportive night's rest as opposed to air beds that are prone to deflating and can't always evenly distribute body weight. Additionally, our range will seamlessly match the room's furniture and layout far better than an air bed. Please note we also feature a sofa bed collection which provides the comfort and practicalities of a sofa and a bed all within the same structure.

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