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Is a king size headboard the right option for me?

As obvious as it may sound, a king size headboard will only match a corresponding king size bed and mattress. Therefore, you must ensure your new headboard matches your existing bed size. Moreover, our collection of headboards is solely compatible with divan beds. Most of our king size headboards consist of strutted headboards with wooden struts to easily attach to the bed base. However, we also feature floorstanding headboards, which can stand independently behind the bed or attach to the divan base.

What different styles does our range consist of?

Buttoned detailing

Buttoned detailing is most commonly associated with Chesterfield-styled furniture and is renowned for the elegance and glamour the pattern offsets. These headboards feature rows of deep, ample buttoning, adding a glamorous touch to the unit.

Patterned detailing

Similar to buttoned detailing, a range of headboards feature intricate lines throughout the piece.

Plain fabric upholstery

Plain only by title and not appeal, these headboard types are perfect if you're looking for a minimalist and understated style.

What is the appeal of upholstered headboards?

As opposed to metal or wooden headboards, for example, fabric headboards are recognised for their incredible comfort offerings, allowing you to sit comfortably in bed. Furthermore, the style and design possibilities with a fabric headboard are greater than with a wooden or metal headboard. For instance, buttoned detailing only features as part of upholstered headboards. For peace of mind, upholstered headboards are equally as durable and robust as wooden and metal headboards, consequently allowing for years of use.

How can I settle on the perfect king size headboard?

Consider the headboard in relation to both your bed and bedroom design

As your headboard is elevated above the bed frame, it represents an essential decor piece; therefore, visualise your potential headboard in relation to the bed and the room to achieve a cohesive aesthetic and layout. The easiest way to achieve the perfect fit is through the headboard's colour; fortunately, our entire range encompasses a wide array of finishes varying from grey, brown, green and many more colours.

What brands complete our collection?

Trusted brands such as Silentnight, Hypnos and Relyon, among others, comprise our collection.

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