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Relyon's mattress range

We know that a Relyon mattress is produced using only the highest quality natural fibres, but what are the different properties of each mattress type? Read below to discover what the right mattress is for you.

Pocket sprung mattresses

One of the most popular types of mattresses, Relyon has become one of the masters of pocket sprung sleeping solutions, showcasing a variety of spring counts, incorporating anywhere between 1000 to 3400 pocket springs in their mattresses. Individual springs move independently, allowing the mattress surface to adapt to your body shape and provide total body support.

You can achieve a great night's sleep with the ultimate comfort and pressure relief pocket springs provide, not to mention the expertly blended natural materials. A typical Relyon mattress includes exceptionally cosy sumptuous layers of wool, cotton,

Memory foam mattresses

A Relyon memory foam mattress delivers the premium qualities and support that you would expect from a memory foam mattress at a price that reflects superb value for money. Our selection of Relyon memory foam mattresses either consist solely of foam or incorporate pocket springs to form the base of the mattress; for an extensive range of premium memory foam mattresses, choose Relyon.

A hybrid Relyon mattress

Hybrid Relyon mattresses provide the tailored support of a pocket sprung mattress with the luxurious, body-moulding comfort of memory foam; thus, a hybrid Relyon mattress ensures a better night's sleep.

Relyon mattresses consisting solely of foam

Ideal for foam enthusiasts, our Relyon Bee Relaxed mattress incorporates a layer of memory foam on top of the Superflex foam, ensuring a firm mattress that provides support and comfort in equal measure.

Gel foam mattresses

Consisting of three impressive cooling layers, a gel foam mattress from Relyon provides comfortable and tailored support. Relyon incorporates Icefabric, a cool-to-the-touch fabric technology, to provide a cool sleeping surface; this works in conjunction with the Ecool quilt, a sustainable fibre that wicks away moisture to ensure a cool and dry sleeping surface. These layers precede the cooling latex, a highly breathable layer of latex that offers pressure relief. Gel foam mattresses are designed to regulate the temperature throughout the night; therefore, a cooling gel mattress is perfect for those who feel too hot at night. If the idea of a memory foam mattress appeals to you, but you are deterred by the heat retention properties of memory foam, then a gel foam mattress is ideal.

Latex mattresses

Latex Relyon mattresses combine latex foam with either springs or reflex foam to create a supportive and durable sleep surface. The cushioning and support that latex foam provides make it ideal for anyone suffering from lower joint or back pain.

Cot mattresses

Relyon's commitment to providing an extensive range of mattresses is of paramount priority and is reiterated through their range of Relyon cot mattresses. Relyon knows the fundamental importance of your young one experiencing a fantastic night's sleep, reflected in their durable, supportive and comfortable cot mattresses. Relyon cot bed mattresses are breathable and supportive, featuring an array of benefits to support your little one actively; these include soft sleeping surfaces ensuring better airflow to help regulate your baby's temperature and 100% natural Actipro treatment that helps to guard against allergens. View our array of Relyon cot mattresses and provide your young child with the best night's sleep.

Mattress supports included in Relyon mattresses


Our soft Relyon mattresses are ideally suited for side sleepers as they ensure healthy spinal alignment and soft cushioning to the hip and shoulder to provide a good night's sleep.


Relyon's range of medium mattresses, as is the case with soft mattresses, are ideally suited for side sleepers; a medium mattress is soft enough to cushion the hip and shoulder when side sleeping.

Medium firm

Our range of medium firm Relyon mattresses is considered an 'all rounder', providing fantastic support and comfort to all sleeping positions. A mattress with medium firm tension is not too firm to cause improper spine alignment when sleeping on your side, and neither not too soft for back or front sleeping.


A firm mattress from Relyon is designed and manufactured for front and back sleepers, as the firm tension evenly distributes body weight and provides pressure relief. Sleeping on your back places strain on your lower back, and therefore the firm tension offers greater support to keep your spine in a healthy position whilst sleeping. 

Extra firm

An extra firm mattress tension provides our firmest sleeping surface and is designed for people who suffer from back pain, neck problems or pain in their joints or hips. The additional support that an extra firm mattress offers, concerning a firm mattress, is designed to combat these pains.

What sizes of mattresses does Relyon produce?

Our range of Relyon mattresses consists of single, small double, double, king size, king size zip and link, super king and super king zip and link.

What are zip and link Relyon mattresses?

The super king zip and link mattresses by Relyon are two single mattresses capable of transforming into either king sized mattresses or super king mattresses. Simply unzip down the middle to create two standard single beds, or zip them together for a super king size sleeping solution.

Beyond mattresses: other Relyon products

Such the passion and determination to provide their customers with the best night's sleep, Relyon features a wide array of bedroom essentials.


Our sumptuous and supportive Relyon latex pillows mould to the shape of your head and neck, providing exceptional support as you sleep. 

Relyon divan beds

Elegant and practical in equal measure, Relyon divan beds provide a stylish focal point to any bedroom. A Relyon bed promises the same quality standards as a Relyon mattress, ensuring a great night's sleep.

Relyon headboards

A fabric headboard offers your bed a sleek and stylish finish whilst showcasing the bedframe as the room's focal point. Moreover, headboards also prevent your pillows from falling off the bed, provide sufficient and comforting support to your back and can prevent damage to the wall.

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