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What sizes of Relyon mattresses do we stock?

How do I know what is the right mattress firmness for me?

Finding the right mattress firmness for you depends on what sleeping position is your go-to. Relyon has created sleeping solutions that suit all sleepers, from soft to extra firm. Read below to find out which support tension is right for the way you sleep...

"I'm a side sleeper"

For all those that prefer to sleep on their side, a mattress on the softer end of the spectrum is the best possible firmness for the way you sleep. Providing extra cushioning to pressure points such as the shoulders and hips, softer support will allow for the mattress surface to mould to your body shape and promote healthy spine alignment in this position. 

"I prefer to sleep on my back or stomach"

When sleeping on your front or back, your body requires a firmer mattress surface to adequately support your spinal position and evenly distribute your body weight. Firm support will suffice, however, if you're affected by back or joint pain then you may wish to try an extra firm Relyon mattress, which may be able to provide the additional support you need to improve pain.

"I sleep in all positions"

If you can't stay in one position all night long, then medium firm support is recommended. This is because the mattress firmness won't be too soft or firm to support you in whichever position. 

What types of Relyon mattresses are there?

Pocket sprung mattresses

Relyon's extensive range of pocket sprung mattresses are designed to provide the best night's sleep. With spring counts ranging from 800 to over 2500, a pocket sprung Relyon mattress features independently moving pocket springs that provide the ultimate support and pressure relief. Often combining natural fillings into sumptuous layers with the pocket springs, many of their pocket sprung sleeping solutions feature temperature regulation, insulation and soft properties due to the brilliant natural fillings.

Memory foam

Relyon mattresses often incorporate layers of memory foam in their sleeping solutions, usually accompanied by a pocket sprung unit too. The body-moulding surface is fantastic for that 'sink in' comfort that provides a great night's sleep. 


Similarly to memory foam, latex Relyon mattresses combined with pocket springs result in an ultimate hybrid mattress that utilises natural materials. For anyone who is a 'hot sleeper', a latex sleeping solution can provide a better night's sleep in comparison to memory foam, as it's more breathable and temperature regulating. 

The outstanding craftsmanship of a Relyon mattress

Founded over 150 years ago, Relyon began trading and has certainly got the experience under their belts when it comes to providing only the highest quality mattresses and excellent service. In 1858, the Price brothers established and set out to be the first bed manufacturer that produces 100% wool mattresses for an exceptionally cosy night's sleep. Naturally, this made sense as they came from a family of wool merchants, therefore their natural mattresses became a paramount priority.
Relyon create mattresses that showcase high-quality materials such as natural fibres and natural fillings that are expertly blended. The quality of their raw materials and Heritage collection is demonstrated by the highly prestigious Production Guild Mark Relyon received by the Worshipful Company of Furniture Makers.
Alongside their mattresses, Relyon divan beds and Relyon headboards are also a part of the ranges that we include. Relyon is brilliant at providing a speedy delivery date and an efficient service across all their products.

How Relyon can give you a good night's sleep

Due to the amazing natural materials and pocket sprung mattress compositions, a Relyon design creates the environment for years of much good night's sleep. But it's not just their natural mattresses that provide a fantastic night's sleep, Relyon also produces a range of bedding too. Their latex pillows and bedding complete your sleeping solution to create the ultimate Relyon bed, supplying a comfortable place to rest your head and have your neck properly supported.