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Should I consider a single duvet?

As obvious as it may sound, our single duvets are designed for single beds. Evaluate your bed; size is an important consideration, as any bed bigger than a single bed will require a larger duvet to cover the bed's width and length.

How can I identify the right duvet for me?

Everyone sleeps differently, and for every person who relies on a thick duvet for optimal warmth, they'll be a sleeper who prefers a lightweight duvet to avoid overheating. 

Assess what it is you're looking for in your new duvet. For instance, are you in need of the perfect summer duvet? Or would you prefer a single winter duvet to keep you warm during the colder months?

Tog ratings

A tog rating indicates how well the duvet will insulate heat. Our single bed duvet collection varies from tog ratings of 4.5 to 13.5. Essentially, the lower the togs, the more lightweight the duvet is and the more suitable it is for summer use. 

A low- tog rating duvet will comprise light fibres that allow heat and humidity to escape. However, if you'd prefer a duvet that is appropriate for all-year-round use instead of purchasing separate duvets for winter and summer, consider a duvet with a tog rating of 10.5.

What other properties does our collection feature?

Hypoallergenic fillings

Most of our single duvet collection features hollow fibre fillings, as opposed to a single feather duvet. These hypoallergenic fillings are ideally suited to anyone suffering from hay fever.

Low maintenance

The majority of our collection is machine washable, ensuring your new duvet is low maintenance and easy to wash.

Consider bamboo

If you're looking for your new duvet to be environmentally friendly, regulate temperature and offer fantastic comfort, consider a bamboo duvet.

What brands form our collection?

Our collection is comprised of Silentnight and Panda, brands that are renowned for their luxury bedding.

Take a look at our single duvet covers

If you're searching for bedding, why not view our wonderful collection of single duvet covers? With various designs and colours to choose from, we're sure to feature your dream bedding set.

Shopping with Mattressman

Courtesy of our fantastic collection, sweet dreams and a better night's sleep are within easy reach. Not only do we pride ourselves on our affordable prices, but any order over £45, provided it's in stock, qualifies for free next working day delivery (08.00 am - 06.00 pm). From the basket and checkout to your front door in no time, you can count on Mattressman.

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