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What is the importance of a duvet cover?


Your duvet cover will likely always be on display and therefore contributes to the bedroom's aesthetic. With this in mind, it's important that your bedding fits in with the style you're looking for your bedroom to achieve. A stylish bed and duvet cover work in conjunction to create the basis for a sleek and easy-on-the-eye bedroom aesthetic.


Duvet covers provide a protective layer to your duvet and act as a barrier between the duvet and moisture and fluids.

What styles does our single duvet cover collection comprise?

Many of our duvet covers feature colourful and exuberant designs and depict nature and wildlife in the form of beautiful prints. Contrastingly, if you’re looking for duvet with an understated style showcasing subtle beauty to suit a contemporary bedroom, our range has your bedding needs catered for. Most of our duvet covers feature as part of a set alongside pillowcases. Our user-friendly website allows you to apply filters and search via colours, including grey, white, pink and blue, among other options destined to add great character to your space.

How can I determine the quality of a duvet cover?

A tell-tale sign of the quality of your existing bedding sets is whether it has maintained its suitability after a prolonged period of use. When your duvet cover starts to become frayed or worn, you should consider replacing it. For context, your duvet cover should last approximately five to seven years.

Assessing a new duvet cover

The duvet cover's material and thread count are key indicators of the cover's quality. Our duvets comprise fantastic materials such as plush 100% cotton, as sumptuous and comfortable as linen, or soft microfibre fabric. Moreover, with thread counts varying from 144 to 200, our duvet covers guarantee both quality and durability. Other convenient features, such as button fastening, which ensures the duvet remains neat and compact within the duvet cover, also showcase the quality of our collection.

Bed size

Whilst it's essential for your mattress to match the size of your bed, this isn't as important with regard to your duvet and duvet cover. For instance, you may find that a double duvet is better suited for your single bed on account of how cosy and snug you feel throughout the night.

Count on Mattressman

Affordable, stylish and designed with longevity in mind, you can rely on any one of our single bed duvet covers.

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