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What is the importance of bedding?

For all of the importance and benefits that accompany a premium bed frame and supportive and comfortable mattress, a better night's sleep is hard to come by if your bedding isn't sufficient. Bedding encompasses many items, varying from duvets, duvet covers, mattress protectors, bed sheets and more. Suitable bedding offers protection to your mattress, consequently preserving its quality and longevity, a distinctive style in the form of a duvet cover and matching pillowcases and sumptuous comfort emanating from a high-quality duvet. When you consider everything that constitutes bedding and its purpose, the support, comfort and protection of bedding become apparent. To ensure a suitable fit, evaluate your bed size; as the name suggests, super king size bedding is compatible with super king mattresses.

What does our collection consist of?


Our range of duvets centres around warmth and comfort, featuring togs, indicators of how well the duvet insulates heat, of 10.5 or 15. Moreover, with premium features such as hypoallergenic fillings and fine fibres, you can rely on super king-size duvets for an enhanced night's sleep.

Duvet covers

The importance of a duvet cover is twofold; the duvet offers a protective layer to your duvet from moisture and bodily fluids, consequently preserving the quality of your duvet. From a style perspective, your duvet cover is likely to always be on display and, therefore, should match the desired style and aesthetic of your room. Ideally, your bedding should be on the same page as your bedroom furniture and colour scheme to create a cohesive layout. Our duvet cover's styles vary from understated and subtle designs showcasing a range of colours, such as a beautiful green, white or silver colour schemes to more exuberant and lavish designs. Our beautiful designs comprise cute and playful depictions of dogs, superb portrayals of nature and wildlife and smart chequered designs. Please note many of our duvet covers feature as part of bedding sets; further details can be found in our product descriptions.

Mattress protectors

As the name suggests, a mattress protector provides superb protection to your mattress, extending its lifespan. The primary aim of a mattress protector is to combat dust mites, whilst many of our mattress protectors are waterproof and protect against spillages and fluids.

Mattress toppers

A mattress topper accentuates the comfort and support of your mattress. Our collection features memory foam toppers providing body moulding support and allowing for blissful sleep night after night.

Bed sheets

Our range of fitted sheets ensures your bed sheet remains firmly in place and offers unparalleled support and comfort, ensuring you won't want to leave your bed.

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