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About SleepSoul

Even if you are yet to come across a SleepSoul mattress, the chances are you've heard of Birlea. What's the connection?- Birlea develops SleepSoul, and with a keen ambition to emulate the lofty heights of Birlea's success, SleepSoul has already made hugely impressive steps on the pathway to being renowned as an industry giant. SleepSoul mattresses are the result of years of innovation and research; as a result, SleepSoul mattresses are durable and lightweight and exude superb levels of comfort for the ultimate night's sleep. Find your dream mattress from our SleepSoul mattress collection.

Which? Best Buy award: SleepSoul Space mattress

One of SleepSoul's mattresses has been endorsed by the Which? Best Buy award, meaning the Space 2000 passed their extensive tests regarding performance, durability and ease of use. This hybrid mattress combines a pocket sprung system and layers of memory foam and reflex foam, ensuring the Space 2000 offers unparalleled body support, mattress stability, breathability, longevity, and is easy to maintain.

What sizes of SleepSoul mattresses are available?

Our SleepSoul mattresses are available in single, small double, double, king size and super king size.

What are the different types of SleepSoul mattresses?

Open coil

Due to their relatively cheap manufacturing costs, SleepSoul open coil mattresses are synonymous with mattresses on the cheaper end of the spectrum; however, an open coil system forming the base of a mattress still provides a reassuringly even and comfortable sleeping surface. For a comfortable and supportive mattress that reflects superb value for money, look at our open coil SleepSoul mattress collection.

Pocket Spring

A pocket sprung mattress consists of individual pocket springs enclosed in separate fabric pockets; each spring works independently and provides targeted support. Pocket-sprung mattresses possess fantastic 'motion isolation' properties and are a fantastic option for anyone sharing the bed with a partner, as their movements throughout the night won't affect your side of the mattress.

Memory foam

Memory foam uses heat to mould to the contours of your body and provides remarkable comfort and support. Our range of SleepSoul hybrid mattresses consists of a memory foam layer on top of an open coil or pocket spring base for ultimate tailored support and comfort.

Open coil base with a memory foam layer

Experience the premium support and comfort of memory foam at a price that reflects superb value for money; the open coil mattress base evenly distributes body weight and compliments the tailored support of the memory foam. For the premium benefits of memory foam at an affordable cost, consider a SleepSoul open coil mattress with a luxurious memory foam layer.

Pocket sprung base with a memory foam layer

Our SleepSoul mattresses work in conjunction with one another to provide superb support and a comfortable night's sleep. For a restful sleep and the ideal sleeping environment, check out SleepSoul's hybrid mattresses with a pocket sprung base.

Will I be too hot at night with a SleepSoul memory foam mattress?

Indeed, memory foam is often renowned for its heat retention. Sometimes, it can cause people to wake up feeling hot and bothered at night; if this issue is relevant to you, consider one of our hybrid SleepSoul mattresses that incorporate a thin layer of cooling gel. The cooling gel reduces the mattress's heat build-up and regulates your body temperature.

What mattress tension should I opt for with a SleepSoul mattress?

It's crucial that your SleepSoul mattress is tailored to your requirements to ensure the ultimate night's sleep. Read below to gain an insight into which mattress tension aligns with your preferred sleeping position.

A SleepSoul mattress with a soft tension

Our soft SleepSoul mattresses are ideally suited for those of a lighter stature who sleep on their side. The soft mattress surface cushions the hip and shoulder and ensures healthy spinal alignment. If you're a preferred back or stomach sleeper, the mattress surface will be too soft, promoting incorrect spinal alignment and causing back or hip pain. 

A SleepSoul mattress with a medium tension

Any of our SleepSoul mattresses with medium tension is also best suited for side sleepers who can benefit from the body moulding mattress surface to provide tailored support to the hip and shoulder and sufficiently support the spine.

A SleepSoul mattress with a medium firm tension

A medium firm SleepSoul mattress is often referred to as an 'all rounder'; such is the ability of medium firm mattresses to support sleepers who interchange positions throughout the night. A SleepSoul mattress with a medium firm tension is not too firm to cause improper spine alignment when sleeping on your side and is neither too soft for back nor front sleeping.

What are the advantages of a SleepSoul mattress?

Vacuum packed for easy maintenance

It's often a tricky and tiresome process having to navigate your new mattress through hallways or up flights of stairs, increasing the risk of damage to the mattress. However, our range of SleepSoul mattresses is vacuum packed for effortless manoeuvrability. SleepSoul pride itself on its 'mattress in a box'; simply take the box to your desired bedroom and unpack, leaving it for up to 24 hours to allow the sleeping solution to expand its complete form before experiencing the luxurious comfort of a SleepSoul mattress.

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