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About SleepSoul

Developed by Birlea, SleepSoul embodies the same values that have run through the family-run business for over 20 years. Producing the highest-quality mattresses to provide ultimate comfort is at the forefront of SleepSoul's operations, ensuring they also work in an environmentally friendly way.

What are the sizes of SleepSoul mattresses available?

SleepSoul mattresses come in almost all standard UK sizes, including single bed (90 x 190cm), small double (120 x 190cm), double (135 x 190cm), king size (150 x 200cm) and super king size (180 x 200cm).

What types of SleepSoul mattresses are showcased in their range?

Hybrid mattresses: pocket springs and memory foam layers

Almost every Birlea SleepSoul mattress incorporates pocket springs, memory foam layers, reflex foam layers, or both. Often, these are referred to as hybrid mattresses because they combine two types of beds. This means you can get brilliant support from pocket springs that adapt to the contours of your body. Each spring moves individually, accentuating the luxurious comfort of the memory foam layer. Not only does this mean your body weight is spread evenly across the mattress surface, but the correct support tension can promote healthy spine alignment as you sleep for many years. SleepSoul has designed its pocket sprung mattresses to include anywhere from 800 pocket springs to 2000 pocket springs. Some of their most popular options include the SleepSoul Heaven mattress, SleepSoul Bliss, SleepSoul Balance mattress and the SleepSoul Comfort mattress. Both aspects of hybrid mattresses provide you with the ultimate night's sleep that is also great value for money.

Moreover, some of the foams incorporated across Sleepsoul mattresses are technologically advanced and designed to keep you cool at night. The Coolgel foam provides a comfortable night's sleep with its temperature-regulating properties as it slows down the build-up of heat throughout the night.

Choose a SleepSoul mattress support tension that is right for how you sleep, as the SleepSoul range includes softer, medium and medium firm tensions.

Which? Best Buy award: SleepSoul Space mattress

One of SleepSoul's mattresses has been endorsed by the Which? Best Buy award, meaning the Space 2000 passed their extensive tests regarding performance, durability and ease of use. This hybrid mattress combines a pocket sprung system and layers of memory foam and reflex foam, of which the endorsement of Which? ensures the Space 2000 has unparalleled body support, mattress stability, breathability, and longevity, and is easy to maintain. Likewise, the impressive SleepSoul Heaven mattress has also been endorsed for the award on account of its unparalleled support, comfort and durability.

Benefits of SleepSoul mattresses


Finding a mattress that will provide restful sleep can be easy. You can find your dream mattress with absolute ease thanks to SleepSoul beds being vacuum-packed, sealed tight and delivered rolled up. This ensures the mattress you choose has effortless manoeuvrability, so you can place it in whichever bedroom without worrying about getting it around an awkward corner or staircase in your home. Remove the outer plastic when you have set the mattress on the bed frame and allow it to return to its original size - you'll be on your way to a great night's sleep soon enough!

Highly endorsed

The SleepSoul Space 2000 mattress and SleepSoul Heaven mattress are Which? Best Buy accredited, showcasing the mattress's premium qualities.

Why purchase with Mattressman?

Purchasing a SleepSoul mattress from Mattressman is simple and easy. Thanks to our free next-working-day delivery service, you can enjoy your new mattress in no time. This easy delivery service will ensure your mattress is assigned a delivery date that is the next working day if it's in stock and ordered before 4pm. We can also remove your old mattress; add our mattress recycling service to your order at the checkout. Lastly, at Mattressman, you can get a SleepSoul mattress for the best possible price, thanks to our price match promise. For fantastic comfort and support at even greater prices, you can count on our wonderful SleepSoul mattress collection.

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