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What is a mattress protector?

A mattress protector is a thin protective layer that resides on top of the mattress and underneath the bed sheet protecting the mattress from dust mite exposures and spillages. A mattress protector encompasses a fitted sheet-style design and is essentially another layer to your bed.

Do I need a mattress protector?

A mattress protector isn't compulsory; however, it is advised. When you consider the relatively inexpensive cost of a mattress protector compared to your mattress, it only makes sense to take measures to preserve the overall quality of your mattress.

Keeps your sleeping environment clean

The human body perspires throughout the night, offsetting oil from our skin and shedding dead skin cells. Whilst this may not be noticeable, this excess moisture and cells will seek through the mattress without a mattress protector. Moreover, accidental spillages, which are almost inevitable at one point or another, can also compromise the quality of the mattress.

Dust mite barrier

Dust mites are the literal definition of 'bed bugs'. They are minute pests that thrive on dead human skin cells and in warm, humid settings and, unfortunately, reside in the majority of homes and, by extension, the bed. However, a mattress protector offers excellent allergy protection and serves as a dust mite barrier.

Additional comfort 

Whilst a mattress topper places more of an emphasis on comfort, a really good mattress protector, such as a bamboo or cotton mattress protector, will contribute towards the overall comfort of your mattress and increase mattress depth for a good night's sleep time and time again.

Prolonged mattress life

As you'd expect, a mattress protector can increase mattress longevity by protecting the mattress from exposure to moisture, dead skin cells and dust mites.

Why should I buy a Protect A Bed mattress protector?


Our mattress protectors can be washed and tumble-dried.

Waterproof layer

The waterproof properties of our mattress protectors ensure you can take comfort in the knowledge that your mattress is waterproof.


The breathable cover helps regulate temperature by reducing humidity and moisture build-up. Moreover, a collection of our mattress protectors feature an innovative miracle membrane designed to enhance the protector's breathability, reducing humidity and providing additional comfort.

Bamboo fabric

For optimal comfort, consider a Protect-A-Bed bamboo mattress protector. This incredible mattress protector features a Waterproof Miracle Membrane and boasts maximum air permeability, encouraging airflow to and from the mattress for healthier sleep.  

What sizes are our Protect A Bed mattress protectors available in?

Our Protect A Bed collection includes; small single, single, small double, double, king and super king size protectors ensuring we cater for all mattresses.So whether it's a single, super king or any other bed you're looking to provide protection for, Mattressman has you covered.

What other Protect A Bed products do we feature?

Complement your mattress protector with a pillow protector and ensure your pillow is also protected from dust, mites, and bacteria. Our Premium Pillow Protector Twin Pack comprises two protectors, promising very good quality and the ideal purchase for people sharing a bed.

Why shop with Mattressman?

With a commitment not only to product quality but product value too, you can rely on Mattressman. Moreover, with an average rating value of 4.6 on Trustpilot, we're recognised for our excellent service and product ranges.

60-night sleep trial

Not only does a mattress protector provide fantastic support to your mattress, but every mattress purchased alongside a mattress protector qualifies for our 60-night sleep trial allowing you to assess the suitability of your new mattress.

Fast delivery

Any orders over £45 for in-stock items qualify for free-next working day delivery, ensuring your mattress protector can arrive at a convenient delivery date.

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