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What is the importance of a dog bed?

Dog beds encourage independence and allow for a specified sleeping area for your pet. Dog beds are particularly useful for ensuring your dog can find a comfortable and supportive rest area whilst maintaining boundaries to ensure your pet doesn't resort to sleeping on your bed or sofa. The ideal dog bed will ensure your pet can experience the luxuries of their own bed and relax in true style.

Is a medium dog bed suitable for my pet?

Size is an important consideration when buying a dog bed, and as the term 'medium dog' is open for interpretation, the dimensions of our dog beds can be seen in our product descriptions.

What styles of medium dog beds do we feature?

Box or bolster bed

As the name suggests, this type of dog bed resembles a box shape with padded boarding accompanying the surface area. These beds are renowned for the comfort and cosiness they provide.

Mattress or pad

A mattress or pad bed is ideal if your dog likes to sprawl across their bed and stretch their legs. This type of bed resembles a mattress and doesn't include a bordered area, therefore increasing the bed's surface area.


A doughnut bed is similar in style to a bolster bed but embodies a round shape as opposed to a square structure. Depending on whether you opt for a doughnut or a bolster bed comes down to the preference of yourself and your dog, of course.

What benefits accompany our range?

Machine washable

Take comfort knowing that our medium dog beds are machine washable, ideal for keeping the dog bed in pristine condition even after muddy walks.

Soft upholstery

The sumptuous and luxurious upholstery ensures optimal comfort, meaning your pooch can receive the night's sleep they deserve.

Recycled fabric

Scruff's Eco Range comprises 100% recycled materials; Scruffs collect, clean and disinfect plastic bottles before they're melted, liquified and transformed into fabric fibres. After all, a good night's sleep shouldn't cost the earth.

Anti-slip base

When your pup can't contain their excitement, our dog beds with anti-slip bases mean the dog bed will remain in place.

Memory foam filling

Thanks to our dog beds with memory foam fillings, it isn't just humans who can reap the luxuries of memory foam. Scruffs have incorporated memory foam fillings into some of their dog beds designed to offer greater support to the dog's joints, body and back. Dog beds that feature memory foam fillings benefit dogs suffering from arthritis.

Why shop with Mattressman?

We believe that a comfortable and supportive rest is as paramount to dogs as it is to adults. With this in mind, we feature high-quality dog beds at amazing prices, ensuring you can choose your perfect dog bed without being deterred by the cost.

Free delivery

In addition to our incredible price points, any in-stock order over £45 qualifies for free next-working-day delivery (8.00 am – 6.00 pm). Simply add any items to your basket, proceed to the checkout, and we'll take care of the rest. What's more, keep an eye out for our amazing deals on our website.

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