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What is a firm super king mattress?

Super king refers to the mattresses size, whilst ‘firm’ relates to the mattresses tension.

Is this mattress type suitable for me?

It's important to consider whether your bedroom can accommodate a super king size mattress and whether a mattress with a firm tension is the right fit for you.

Super king size mattress

As obvious as it may sound, a super king mattress is compatible with a super king size bed. So unless your bedroom features a super king bed or you're looking to purchase a new mattress and bed frame, our super king size mattresses aren't likely to be compatible. A super king size mattress is the largest mattress we feature, indicating just how much space is required to accommodate this type of mattress; you should consider whether your bedroom is large enough to accommodate a super king mattress. If you’re conscious of your bedroom’s available space, double or king size mattresses are a suitable alternative and occupy less space than a super king mattress.

Firm tension

Your sleeping position will determine which mattress tension is best suited. A firm mattress suits front and back sleepers as the firm mattress surface can sufficiently distribute body weight, promoting healthy spinal alignment. For preferred side sleepers, this type of mattress won't provide cushioned hip and shoulder support, and instead, you should opt for a soft, medium or medium firm mattress.

What is the difference between a firm and an extra firm mattress?

Whilst both mattresses cater towards front and back sleepers, an extra firm mattress is ideal for anyone suffering from minor aches and pains as the firmer tension will provide additional support to combat discomfort.

What mattress types comprise this collection?

Open coil super king mattresses

Open coil mattresses are considered a budget-friendly sleeping option. However, don't be put off by the cheaper price points; open coil mattresses provide comfort and support throughout the night. These mattresses consist of a continuous coil of wire that comprises the spring unit. The rigid structure means open coil structures are great options for firm mattresses and can provide sufficient support to the spine and lower back.

Pocket-sprung super king mattresses

Pocket springs are renowned for their tailored support offerings; each pocket spring is encased within a fabric sleeve and reacts independently to body movements and pressure points to ensure a restful night's sleep. The other main appeal of pocket springs is their 'zero motion isolation' properties; as pocket springs only react to applied pressure, your partner's movements throughout the night won't impact your sleep.

Memory foam super king mattresses

Memory foam conforms to the body's shape and any part of the mattress where pressure is applied for a sumptuous sleep experience. However, for all of the benefits that memory foam offers, the material is recognised for its heat retention and is, therefore, likely unsuitable for anyone who sleeps hot.

Latex super king mattresses

Latex is seen as a suitable alternative to memory foam and is able to regulate body temperature. Latex is derived from the sap of rubber trees and is recognised for its durability and breathable properties; the elasticity of latex results in increased air circulation and, ultimately, a cooler night's rest. Latex is also seen as 'bouncier' than memory foam and reverts to its original shape faster than memory foam. 

Gel foam or geltex super king mattresses

Another temperature-regulating alternative to memory foam is our range of gel foam and geltex mattresses. These mattresses typically feature a gel-infused memory foam layer that will adapt to your body shape and provide superb pressure relief. As with latex, gel foam regulates temperature, meaning you'll remain comfortable in bed regardless of the season.

Natural super king mattresses

A natural mattress is perfect if you're actively searching for a mattress with fillings that help regulate temperature. As the name suggests, natural fillings aren't synthetic, with our range consisting of cotton, wool, cashmere or silk fillings. Natural mattresses are regarded as premium sleeping options and are sure to enhance your night's rest. 

What brands form our super king size mattress collection?

Silentnight, Sealy, Hypnos and Relyon are just some of the wonderful brands comprising our range of firm super king size mattresses.

Shopping with Mattressman

Here at Mattressman, we pride ourselves on our extensive mattress range, brilliant prices and superb quality. Additionally, our user-friendly website allows you to apply filters and narrow your search by price, brand and other criteria. 

Sleep trial

When purchased alongside a mattress protector, your super king size mattress qualifies for our 60-night sleep trial allowing you plenty of time to assess whether your new mattress is the right fit for you.

Free delivery

Courtesy of our free next working day delivery service (08.00 am - 06.00 pm), your new super king mattress will be with you in no time. For the best super king mattress at an affordable price, you can rely on Mattressman.

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