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Is an extra firm super king size mattress suitable for me?

Your sleeping position and your room's available space will determine the suitability of this mattress type.

Super king mattress

Super king mattresses are the largest mattress we stock, indicating just how much floor space is required to accommodate a super king size bed frame and mattress. It's essential that your bedroom is large enough to feature a super king size mattress; otherwise, it's worthwhile opting for a double or king size mattress instead. It may be worthwhile measuring your bedroom to gauge which size mattress is the best choice.

Extra firm tension

With mattresses, it isn't a case of one size fits all, and how you sleep will determine which mattress is best suited for you. Firm and extra firm mattresses are designed for front and back sleepers; the firm mattress surface can evenly distribute body weight and promote healthy spinal alignment. For preferred side sleepers, a softer mattress is recommended to cushion the hip and shoulder. The best super king mattress will provide superb support without compromising comfort. If you'd like to add an additional comfort layer to your mattress, consider a mattress topper.

What's the difference between a firm and an extra firm mattress?

Whilst both firm and extra firm mattresses accommodate front and back sleepers, an extra firm mattress is ideal if you're suffering from minor aches and pains and are looking for a mattress that relieves pressure.

What different types of mattresses does this collection feature?

Open coil mattresses

Not only do open coil mattresses feature on the cheaper end of the spectrum, but they are also fantastic choices for firm and extra firm mattresses due to the rigid and firm support they're characterised by. These mattresses consist of a robust steel coil wound into springs to form the mattress's core.

Pocket sprung mattresses

If you're looking for a mattress that offers tailored support, look no further than our pocket sprung options. The mattress comprises many springs, all enclosed within fabric sleeves and reacting individually to pressure applied to the mattress. Therefore, you can rely on targeted support that reacts directly to your pressure points. We often find that these mattresses are particularly popular with anyone sharing a bed; as the springs only respond to specific movements, any movement your partner makes throughout the night won't impact your night's sleep.

Natural fillings

These mattresses feature natural fillings, most commonly wool and cotton. As well as providing sumptuous comfort and support, wool and cotton can regulate temperature, paving the way for a restful night's sleep regardless of the season.

Do we feature super king memory foam mattresses with an extra firm tension?

Due to the heavy emphasis placed on firm support, our collection doesn't include the body moulding support of memory foam. However, if your heart is set on a memory foam mattress and you're a front and back sleeper, you may want to consider a firm memory foam mattress. Alternatively, suppose you're looking for a more breathable sleeping solution. In that case, we also feature latex super king mattresses with a firm tension designed to mould to the body shape, similar to memory foam.

What brands form our collection?

Silentnight, Hypnos and Relyon are just some of the wonderful brands that design and manufacture extra firm super king size mattresses.

Why shop with Mattressman?

Free delivery

Provided your new super king mattress is in stock and ordered before 4 pm, your brand new mattress qualifies for free-next-working-day delivery (08.00 am - 06.00 pm), ensuring the ultimate night's sleep is within easy reach.

60-night sleep trial

It's not always easy to purchase a mattress online; with such an array of tensions, compositions and sizes, settling on the perfect mattress for you can be challenging. With this in mind, any mattress purchased alongside a mattress protector is eligible for our 60-night sleep trial to provide peace of mind.

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