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3' Single Mattresses

Our single mattresses are a popular choice as they allow you to make the most of your space. A single mattress usually measures 3’ (90cm) by 6’3” (190cm), a perfect match for any standard single bed frame, and we offer a wide variety of mattress options, including everything from pillow tops to pocket springs.

At Mattressman, buying a smaller mattress doesn’t mean you have to compromise on comfort, because our mattress range includes plenty of single mattresses from high-end manufacturers like Hypnos, who make all-natural mattresses for the Queen no less!

Moving from cot to bed can be difficult for some kids, especially if you buy a mattress that feels too big for them, which is why we offer smaller mattresses that aren’t too firm at prices parents will love. Lots of our budget single mattresses are perfect for bunk beds too, as their low profile means they’re safer for top bunks.