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So, what is a medium firm single mattress?

'Single' refers to the size of the mattress, with single bed mattresses often suited for those who sleep on their own, whereas 'medium firm' relates to the mattresses tension.

Should I consider this mattress type?

A single mattress is a common fixture among guest rooms, where commonly less emphasis is placed on the bed frame and mattress and bedrooms that sleep one. Anyone sharing a bed will likely find that a single bed mattress is too restrictive. The main appeal of a medium firm mattress is that it can seamlessly accommodate many sleeping positions, with the mattress soft enough to provide cushioned hip and shoulder support whilst side sleeping yet of adequate firmness to support the spine whilst sleeping on the front and back. The perfect medium firm mattresses offer comfort and support in equal measure, qualities our entire range posses.

What types of mattresses does our collection comprise?

Open coil

Open coil options are considered budget-friendly sleeping options; however, despite a cheaper price point, the quality of open coil mattresses remains uncompromised. The mattresses composition features durable and robust springs culminating in an even and comfortable sleeping surface.

Pocket springs

This type of mattress features a series of springs, all individually enclosed within fabric pockets and reacting independently to body movements for targeted support and excellent pressure relief.

Memory foam

Our single memory foam mattresses featuring medium tension provide excellent support by moulding to the body's contours for an unparalleled night’s sleep.

Gel foam

If you tend to sleep hot yet want a mattress that offers body moulding support, a gel foam mattress is recommended instead of memory foam. Whereas memory foam retains heat, gel foam is recognised for its superb temperature-regulating qualities, ensuring you'll sleep blissfully regardless of the season.


Our latex collection comprises natural latex derived from rubber trees or synthetic options. Like gel foam, latex is a suitable alternative for those who sleep hot. Latex is recognised for its elasticity, meaning it easily adapts to your body weight and any pressure applied to the mattresses surface.

Natural fillings

A natural mattress is a premium sleeping option, commonly featuring wool and cotton fillings. Natural fillings offer optimal comfort and support and are renowned for their temperature-regulating properties and capabilities to wick away moisture for a cool and dry sleeping surface.

Why shop with Mattressman?

If you're searching for the best single mattress and sleep in different positions throughout the night, our collection is tailor-made for you.

Excellent Value

Our commitment to affordability is not only represented in our mattresses affordable prices but in our delivery service too. Our entire in-stock mattress range qualifies for free next-working-day delivery (08.00 am - 06.00 pm).

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