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How do I know if a softer mattress is for me?

The softest type of mattress we stock, there are a few factors that affect whether a soft mattress is the right firmness for you. Please read on to find out.

Sleeping position

Soft mattresses are best designed for anyone who prefers to sleep on their side. This is because side sleepers benefit from the body-moulding mattress surface, relieving pressure points such as the hips and shoulders. Our softest mattress firmness ensures healthy spinal alignment due to providing cushioning to the hips and shoulders whilst you sleep in this position. If you're a preferred back or stomach sleeper, the mattress surface will be too soft, promote incorrect spinal alignment, and cause back or hip pain. Front and back sleepers should opt for firm mattresses that are best designed to support you in these sleeping positions with the spine correctly aligned. An extra firm mattress is suitable for stomach sleepers and back sleepers. However, this should only be opted for if you're affected by back or joint pain.


You want your new softer mattress to be durable and last as many years as possible. Because this is the softest mattress in our range, your body weight affects how much pressure the bed holds. Therefore, this will affect the mattress's longevity, regardless of the type. With this in mind, a soft mattress can best support people with lighter statures, ensuring they sleep soundly and receive total body support with adequate pressure relief. For those preferred side sleepers with average or larger sizes, a medium soft mattress is better designed to support your weight and provide a good night's sleep.

Soft or firm mattress for lower back pain?

This will likely depend on your sleeping position; for front and back sleepers, you'll require a firm mattress in order to receive adequate spinal support. A firm mattress will provide proactive support and ensure the spine remains in a healthy position throughout the night. With a soft mattress, you're likely to run the risk of the spine sinking into the mattress and encouraging greater discomfort.

What sizes of softer mattresses do we stock?

At Mattressman, we stock soft mattresses in our range that include single (90cm x 190cm), small double (120cm x 190cm), double (135cm x 190cm), king size (150cm x 200cm), super king (180cm x 190cm), king size zip and link (150cm x 200cm) and super king zip and link (180cm x 200cm).

What types of soft mattresses are available?

If you've determined that softer support is the best firmness to support you, the next step is to find the best soft mattress in our range. To find the right one for you, read through our pocket sprung, open coil, memory foam, latex and hybrid mattress sections.

Pocket springs and open coil

Pocket spring mattresses offer brilliant support for preferred side sleepers. Because pocket springs move individually, it ensures that the mattress surface can mould to the contours of your body whilst you're sleeping. A pocket sprung mattress promotes healthy spinal alignment and minimises motion transfer if you share a bed with your partner. This means you won't feel them moving around at night.

Open coil mattresses are made of a continuous wire that runs up and down the bed to form the spring unit. As all the springs are connected, you cannot avoid motion transfer like pocket sprung mattresses. These softer mattresses are fantastic budget options and support you in your preferred side sleep position.

Memory foam mattresses

Initially produced by NASA for astronauts on spacecraft, memory foam moulds to the contours of your body as you sleep. A memory foam mattress comprises millions of tiny holes that seep out air when pressure is applied, allowing the surface to adapt to your body shape. Because you are compressing the air out of the memory foam mattress, it will trap heat, which is not necessarily best designed for hot sleepers. Included in our range are other foam mattresses, such as reflex foam mattresses, a cheaper alternative that prevents your body heat from increasing too much.

Natural latex

Similar to a memory foam mattress but comprised of natural latex that provides a bouncier mattress surface. Latex mattresses tend to be more expensive because they are incredibly durable, with many lasting over 10 years without any mattress deterioration.

Hybrid mattresses

Included in our range of softer mattresses are hybrid options. Usually combining a traditional spring unit with foam layers or a comfort layer, a hybrid mattress supports a conventional sprung mattress and the comfort of memory foam, reflex foam or latex comfort layer.

What soft mattress fillings are there?

At Mattressman, we include a variety of mattress fillings, so there is something for everyone in our soft bed range. Mattresses that include synthetic, polyester or hypoallergenic fillings are great for those who suffer from hay fever or dust mite allergies. This is because the fibre fillings have tight pore sizes, which make it difficult for dust mites to pass through. Also hypoallergenic, a memory foam mattress lets you sink deeper into one of the softest mattresses and sleep well.

We also have softer mattresses with fillings such as natural wool, cotton, silk, cashmere and many more. These soft beds aren't great for hayfever or dust mite allergy sufferers as the fillings have large pore sizes, making it easy for dust mites to build up. However, they offer a breathable bed with temperature-regulating features, providing extra softness, insulation, and much more. 

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