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What are pocket springs?

Our pocket sprung mattresses have between 800 to 8000 springs inside a bed. The individual pocket springs are wrapped in their fabric pocket, allowing each spring to move independently.

Are pocket sprung mattresses the best option for anyone sharing a bed?

The many individual pocket springs allow for minimal motion transfer, meaning you and your partner won't be disturbed at night.

How does a pocket sprung mattress support me?

They provide total body support and relieve pressure points such as the back, shoulders, hips and joints. With pressure applied, the springs will move to the contours of your body for whichever sleeping position you're resting in. Each pocket spring mattress can have various springs, some with a higher spring count that offer a variety of firmness ratings. More pocket springs do not necessarily mean more support, but a pocket spring mattress will always be able to support your body weight. The best pocket spring mattress is likely to provide support and comfort in equal measure and transform your night's sleep.

What sizes are available for pocket spring mattresses?

Every standard mattress size is available in our pocket sprung mattress range, which shows how popular this type of mattress is. These include small single (75 x 190cm), single (90 x 190cm), small double (120 x 190cm), double (135 x 190cm), king size mattresses (150 x 200cm), super king mattresses (180 x 200cm), king size zip and link (150 x 200cm/2x 75 x 200cm) and super king zip and link (180 x 200/2x 90 x 200cm). We also can order custom-size pocket spring mattresses.

What size mattress is best suited for me?

When choosing a new mattress, it's important to consider your bedroom's available space. For instance, if you sleep alone or are restricted by space, a single pocket sprung mattress could be the best choice. Alternatively, a pocket sprung double mattress is the most popular option for anyone sharing a bed. Similarly, if your room is large enough, you may find yourself with the freedom to choose between an king and a super king mattress.

What is a pocket spring mattress filled with?

At Mattressman, we offer an extensive range of synthetic or natural fillings combined with pocket spring mattresses. The benefit of a pocket sprung mattress with synthetic or polyester fibre fillings is that they are fantastic for anyone affected by hay fever. Natural fillings such as wool, cotton, silk, cashmere, mohair, lambswool and many more have remarkable properties which can be explored on each product page.

What is a hybrid pocket spring mattress?

You can have a plain and straightforward pocket sprung mattress, but many brands are incorporating different materials with a pocket spring unit to make the ultimate supportive and comfortable mattress. This is what a hybrid mattress is - combining two types of mattress composition to create one. Materials such as latex, memory foam, reflex foam or geltex are often combined with pocket springs to make a fantastic sleeping solution. Pocket spring mattresses combined with a memory foam mattress are one of the most popular options for hybrid pocket spring mattresses.

What support tensions are available with pocket sprung mattresses?

Our range of pocket sprung mattresses are available in all support tensions, including soft, medium, medium firm, firmer and extra firm mattresses. Which one is appropriate for how you sleep depends on your preferred sleeping position, so read below to find the right mattress firmness for you.

Soft and medium support

Best designed for preferred side sleepers, a soft mattress or medium pocket sprung mattress is ideal for sleeping this way. The sleeping surface provides extra cushioning to pressure points to promote healthy spinal alignment whilst in this position.

Medium firm

A medium firm pocket spring mattress is neither soft nor too firm, making it ideal for supporting someone who sleeps in various positions throughout the night.

Firmer options

A firmer mattress will adequately promote healthy spine alignment for anyone who prefers to sleep on their back or front. If you suffer from pains in your back or joints, opt for an extra firm mattress that can provide additional support.

What brands of pocket spring mattresses do we stock?

Our pocket sprung mattresses are available from a wide variety of trusted brands due to being one of the most popular mattresses. Including Silentnight, Hypnos, Sealy, Relyon, British Bed Company, Sleepeezee, SleepSoul, Shire Beds and Rest Assured. With an emphasis on affordability and quality, we're sure to feature the best pocket sprung mattress for you.

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