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Award-winning mattresses

Sealy has been recognised for their excellence with their elevated ultra Turing Plush mattress, standing proudly at the top of the Sleep Sealy Posturepedic mattress collection, awarded Bed Product of the Year at the National Bed Federation Awards 2022-2023. Sealy's industry recognition reinforces its stature as an industry giant. The dedication and craft that epitomises the ultra-turing plush mattress are reiterated throughout Sealy's collection of mattresses.

What mattress tension is right for me to ensure a restful night's sleep?

Soft tension

Sealy mattresses with a soft tension are best suited for light in stature, side sleepers who can benefit from the body moulding surface of the mattress and the cushioning it provides to the hip and shoulder. However, if you're a preferred back or stomach sleeper, the mattress surface will be too soft, promoting incorrect spinal alignment and causing back or hip pain. 

Medium tension

Medium Sealy mattresses are best suited for side sleepers who can benefit from the body moulding mattress surface to provide tailored support to the hip and shoulder.

Medium firm tension

Medium firm Sealy mattresses are renowned for their versatility and ability to accommodate various sleeping positions. A Sealy mattress with medium firm tension is not too firm to cause improper spine alignment when sleeping on your side and is firm enough for back and front sleeping.

Firm tension

A mattress with firm tension is recommended for those who solely sleep on their front or back. A firm mattress provides a firmer sleeping surface than a medium or medium firm tension and evenly distributes body weight. Firm mattresses are recognised for their ability to relieve pressure and keep the spine aligned in a healthy position.

Extra firm tension

An extra firm Sealy mattress is designed and manufactured to proactively combat back pain, neck problems or pain in joints or hips. As with a firm mattress, extra firm mattresses are suitable for front and back sleepers.

What types of Sealy mattresses does Mattressman stock?

With our collection emphasising both quality and affordability, a Sealy mattress embodies fantastic value for money and a sleeping solution designed to withstand the test of time. 

Orthopaedic mattresses

Orthopaedic mattresses are designed with those who suffer from back pain and other musculoskeletal issues in mind. Therefore, Sealy orthopaedic mattresses are available with a firm and extra firm tension.

The Orthopaedic Advisory Board

Sealy has worked with the International Orthopaedic Advisory Board for nearly two decades, which comprises orthopaedic surgeons, bio-mechanical engineers & medical scientists. As a result, Sealy's product development is informed by scientific research and by working alongside the International Orthopaedic Advisory Board. Sealy receives expert advice regarding the design and manufacturing of their mattresses.

Sealy's PostureTech system

AlignSupport® coil

Sealy's exclusive PostureTech system is an innovative take on the traditional open coil mattress base. The PostureTech spring system is designed to provide targeted support to the areas of the body that need it most. Like open coil mattresses, which feature steel coils wound into hundreds of springs and connected by a wire rod edge, a Sealy Posturepedic mattress embodies quality and superb value for money.

Pocket spring system

A pocket sprung mattress consists of individual springs enclosed in fabric pockets, working independently from one another; each spring reacts to pressure applied to that part of the mattress for targeted support. A Sealy pocket sprung mattress is particularly beneficial for those sharing a bed. The pocket springs possess 'motion isolation' properties meaning your partner's movements won't impact your sleep.

Memory foam

A mattress that comprises a spring system preceding a layer of memory foam is often referred to as either a memory foam mattress or a hybrid mattress. Sealy's MemorySense foam provides targeted support and moulds to the contours of your body. Our Sealy memory foam mattresses comprise the affordable and quality PostureTech system and Sealy's MemorySense foam. For the premium and luxurious benefits of memory foam at a cost that reflects superb value for money, browse our range of memory foam Sealy beds.


Latex mattresses are similar to memory foam mattresses in that both layers provide body moulding support; however, memory foam is often synonymous with heat retention, whilst latex is highly breathable, making way for a comfortable and cool night's sleep. Moreover, latex is renowned for its hypoallergenic properties preventing dust mites from compromising the mattress.


Geltex is made from air-permeable foam and elastic gel, allowing air to regulate the mattress and keep you cool throughout the night. Moreover, Geltex contributes towards a firmer sleeping surface than memory foam.

What types of fillings comprise a Sealy mattress?

Natural fillings

A mattress with natural fillings features sumptuous, luxurious fillings for a premium night's rest. Sealy incorporates natural wool and lambs wool into their natural mattresses to regulate temperature and keep the mattress cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Fibre fillings

A mattress with fibre fillings is fantastic for allergy sufferers due to its fillings and fabric. Compared to natural fillings, hypoallergenic white fillings attract fewer dust mites, ensuring your mattress stays fresher for longer.

What sizes of Sealy mattresses does Mattressman stock?

Our Sealy mattreses are available in a range of standard sizes from single to super king size mattresses; additionally, a Super king zip and link mattress provides fantastic versatility. Our mattresses are also compatible with divan bed bases. Before making any purchase, it's important to assess which mattress is appropriate for your bedroom. For instance, a king or super king size mattress is unlikely to be suitable for bedrooms with restricted space. Whether it's a single, a super king-size Sealy mattress, or anything in between, we're sure to feature your next mattress.

What is a Super king zip and link mattress?

A Super king zip and link mattress comprise two smaller mattresses; therefore, you can have two single mattresses or super king mattress measurements.

Shopping with Mattressman

Courtesy of our affordable prices and free next-working-day delivery (08.00 am - 06.00 pm) for in-stock items, your new Sealy bed is within easy reach.

60- night sleep trial

For peace of mind, any mattress purchased alongside a mattress protector qualifies for our 60-night sleep trial. 

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