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Why should I choose a bunk bed?

Bunk beds are ideally suited for a pair of siblings sharing a room or three siblings, depending on the design of the bunk bed frame. As opposed to having two separate beds within the bedroom and consequently taking up valuable floor space, a standard one-bottom, one-top bunk bed is of a similar width to a single bed; bunk beds represent an excellent space-saving option. Moreover, our eccentric, fun and quirky bunk bed frames add character and excitement to a room and provide a different perspective to our subtle yet elegant bunk beds. Please not that whilst certain bunk beds are designed to accommodate adults, our collection range is exclusively centered around bunk beds for kids. 


If a child doesn't occupy the bottom bunk of a bunk bed, it can be utilised for storage and consequently free up floor space.

Consider high or mid sleepers with storage facilities

A mid or high sleeper resembles a similar structure to a bunk bed, except for the absence of a bottom bunk. Instead, the area beneath the raised bed comes equipped with accessories such as desks, wardrobes and bookcases. These types of kids' beds are ideally suited to small bedrooms where space is at a premium. Whilst our range does include children's bunk beds with storage solutions, these beds don't allow for the same storage opportunities as our mid and high sleeper bed frames.

For younger children, where you might be put off the idea of a high sleeper, opt for a mid sleeper, with our collection commonly referred to as low bunk beds and seen as more suitable options for younger children. 

Guest Room

If you're entertaining multiple house guests, a bunk bed could be an ideal addition to your spare room. With a bunk bed possessing the width of a single bed but the capacity to accommodate two children, a bunk bed is a practical investment.

What types of bunk bed frames are there?

Themed and novelty bed frame

A themed and novelty bunk bed is essentially a bed that adopts the appearance of another object; for example, our range features a London Bus bunk bed, a campervan bunk bed and a safari jungle-esque bunk bed frame. Briefly touching upon this in the previous paragraph, our themed and novelty bunk beds offer much more than merely a sleeping space. Their purpose is two-fold, and when your little one isn't sleeping, they'll be sure to experience hours of unbridled joy. Let their imagination run wild as they immerse themselves in the excitement of their sensational bunk bed. If you're looking to add a dash of excitement and character to your little one's bedroom, then a themed and novelty design represents the ideal bunk bed.

Standard bunk beds

A standard bunk bed is categorised by two beds with one placed on top of the other.

Triple sleeper bunk beds

Sometimes referred to as 'double bunk beds', triple sleeper bunk beds sleep three and are therefore perfect for children's bedrooms that are shared by a trio of siblings. These handy bunk beds feature a top bunk that sleeps a single child, with the lower bunk utilising a double mattress that sleeps two children. Alternatively, the bottom bunk could be ideal for a teenager looking for a larger bed. Instead of making three separate purchases, save space in your children's bedroom and browse our innovative range of triple bunk beds.

What materials are our range of bunk beds available in?

Metal bunk beds

Sleek and stylish metal frames not only make for popular kids' bunk beds, but they're also renowned for their low maintenance, ease of cleaning and longevity.

Wooden bunk beds

A wooden structure adds an authentic and traditional touch to a child's room. Additionally, wooden bunk beds are renowned for their durable and hardwearing structures. 

Are bunk beds safe?

Yes, bunk beds are designed to withhold a child's weight on the top bunk. However, it's important that your child is old enough to occupy the top bunk. It's generally considered that these beds are suited for children between the ages of four and sixteen. However, only children aged six years and above should sleep in the top bunk. For peace of mind, our entire range of bunk beds are fitted with guard rails for optimal safety.  

What brands are included in our collection?

With a commitment to providing our customers with excellent, durable and stylish bunk beds, here at Mattressman, we only feature the best bunk beds. Our range includes Julian Bowen, Birlea and Dorel.

Free delivery

Showcasing our commitment to our customers, we're proud to offer free next-working-day delivery (8.00 am - 06.00 pm) on all of our in-stock bed frames.

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