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What is the appeal of Disney furnishings?

As Liz Shortreed, Disney's category vice president, explains, 'Disney Home offers families, fans and interiors enthusiasts the chance to style a little magic into their homes'. It's fair to say that we all have a soft touch for a particular Disney film or character; for a child with an impressionable imagination and in the midst of their youth, Disney merchandise is likely to resonate with their interests. Our pieces' practical design and intrinsic, lavish designs mean that our homeware products represent so much more than just furniture. Aspirational furniture that can accommodate your child's bedroom storage or gaming ventures blurs the lines between practicality and exciting and immersive bedroom additions. Since Disney has ignited millions of children's imaginations over the last century, it makes sense to replicate this magic in the form of our Disney homeware range.

What products does this collection feature?

Our extensive range seeks to include children's bedroom furniture essentials, varying from beds and bedside tables, gaming desks, a wide array of chairs and much more; you'll be sure to find the perfect accompaniment to your child's bedroom.

What Disney inclusions does this collection feature?

From contemporary sensations to timeless Disney storytelling, our extensive range features something for everyone and is sure to feature your little one's favourite characters. Read below for a comprehensive list of our range of Disney home decor inspired by Disney characters and films.

Disney Anniversary

Celebrate 100 years of Disney with furniture highlighting all Disney films over the last century. Our Disney Anniversary furniture highlights the wonders and success of Disney and portrays iconic moments from over the years.

Marvel Avengers

From the action-packed and popular film series, a collection of our products features Marvel Avengers characters showcased across the piece, portraying your child's favourite superheroes.


A Disney classic popular across many generations, the Bambi accent chair exudes character and represents a cute and quaint addition to a child's bedroom.

Star Wars

A hugely popular science fiction collection, Star Wars has captured the hearts of many generations. Our collection of stylish and practical Star Wars home décor is ideal for any Star Wars fan. Allow your child to immerse themselves in a Galaxy far, far away and live vicariously through the lives of their favourite Jedi.

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse are widely considered icons of the Disney brand. Sweet and cheerful, Minnie Mouse complements Mickey Mouse's brave and hopeful persona resulting in a truly lovable partnership.


A superhero that many children admire and look up to, our Spider-Man range is playful, exuberant and stylish. With our superb depictions of Spider-man, your child will surely engross themselves in life of this awesome superhero, recognised for his incredible spider-like abilities.


A more contemporary masterpiece, Disney's depiction of a winter wonderland has proven quite the phenomenon. The magical and larger-than-life princess Elsa has inspired a generation. Elsa, alongside Frozen favourites, Anna and Olaf, can add a touch of excitement to your children's room.

Lion King

Heartwarming and hugely popular, Lion King has captured the hearts of many. With a fabulous and detailed pattern, the Disney Lion King accent swivel chair can bring your child closer to Simba's world.

Little Mermaid

Magical and immersive, the Little Mermaid showcases Disney's excellence. Your child's admiration and love for Ariel can be brought to life with our stunning Little Mermaid Accent Chair.

Sleeping Beauty

A film that has inspired many, Sleeping Beauty is truly a magical masterpiece. Renowned for its romance and fairy tale ending, Sleeping Beauty is a heartwarming story.

Snow White

If your little one is infatuated with Snow White and her friendly and humorous seven dwarfs, consider our Snow White collection.

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