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Silentnight Memory 3 Sleep Reflex Foam Mattress

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  • Perfect for side sleepers
  • 30mm Memory Foam
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If you're a fan of foam, then you'll certainly love the Memory 3 Sleep from Silentnight. Offering two layers of luxurious foam, this is also a great choice for people who prefer a softer mattress. Vacuum packed for the ultimate convenience, the Memory 3 Sleep mattress can easily be manoeuvred in your home to your desired bedroom. Silentnight have also included a soft knitted cover which adds to the luxurious qualities of this mattress.

Foam layers

Incorporating two types of foam into the Memory 3 Sleep provides the ultimate soft mattress. With 150mm of Miratex foam on the base and 30mm of memory foam on the surface, these clever materials form a three zoned support system. This allows for soft support around the shoulders and firmer support around the hips and lower back. Ultimately, this provides you with a sounder night's sleep. Foam is also great for moulding to the exact contours of your body and distributing your weight evenly.

About Silentnight

Silentnight is one of the UK's favourite and most trusted mattress manufacturers, and that's no doubt due to the quality and expertise they put into their products. Operations staring over 70 years ago, they've also achieved 13 years of Superbrand recognition. All of Silentnight's products are produced in the UK with quality in the forefront of their work.

Would a soft mattress be good for me?

If you're of a lighter stature, then a softer mattress is most appropriate for you. We would recommend that those who are in a heavier weight group are best not to use a softer mattress, as lack of support can cause pain throughout the neck and back due to improper spinal alignment. 

Side, back or front sleeper, which best suits a softer mattress?

The Memory 3 Sleep will be great for people who prefer to sleep on their side, as it cushions the shoulders and hips in a way that will promote healthy spine alignment. Therefore you can wake up feeling like you've been properly supported throughout the night.

What makes a softer mattress a great buy?

What makes a memory foam soft mattress - such as this one - a great buy is that it can mould to the exact contours of your body, but will not lose it's structure easily. This means whilst you're still comfortable, you're also supported. A bad soft mattress will lose its integrity much quicker, meaning you'll have to replace your mattress sooner than expected.

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  • Softer Specification
  • Reflex Foam Specification
  • 30mm Of Memory Foam Specification
  • Mattress Depth Specification
  • Anti Allergy Specification
  • Knitted Cover Specification
Softer is the level of support to the body, suitable for light to average weighted people. This is not a comfort rating.
Reflex Foam Made from a polyurethane bubble structure, reflex foam is long lasting and a cooler sleep than memory foam.
30mm Of Memory Foam Body moulding and pressure relieving, memory foam always recovers to its original state and provides ultimate comfort.
Mattress Depth 18 cm
Anti Allergy recommended, this mattress is suitable for allergy sufferers due to its fillings and fabric.
Knitted Cover that stretches with the moulding of the mattress, having great elasticity and breathing qualities.

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